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TRAPEZE - Discografia. 1970 - 2003


Trapeze (1970)
Medusa (1970)
You Are the Music...We're Just the Band (1972)
The Final Swing (1974)
Hot Wire (1974)
Live At The Boat Club (1975)
Trapeze (1976)
Hold On also called Running (1979)
Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos (1981)
Welcome to the Real World - live 1992 (1993)
High Flyers: The Best of Trapeze - Best of Studio 1970-1974 ( 1996 )
Way Back to the Bone - Best of Live 1970-1992 (1998 )
On the Highwire - Best of 1970-1992 (2003)

Audio CD (February 23, 2004)
Original Release Date: 1970
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import, Original recording remastered
Label: Lemon Records UK
Track Listings
1. It's Only a Dream - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
2. The Giant's Dead Hoorah - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
3. Over - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
4. Nancy Gray - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
5. Fairytale - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
6. Verily Verily - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
7. Fairytale - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
8. It's My Life - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
9. Am I - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
10. Suicide - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
11. Wings - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
12. Another Day - Trapeze, Galley, Mel

Audio CD (March 22, 1994)
Original Release Date: 1970
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Fontana Polydor
ASIN: B000001F72
2008 digitally remastered edition of this Classic Rock album that has stood the test of time. A blend of classic Blues-based Rock fused with Soul, Funk and occasional heavier elements it marks the crowning glory of Trapeze. Recorded in 1970 just as the band changed from being a five piece to becoming a power trio (Glenn Hughes, Mel Galley and Dave Holland). With hindsight, you could say Trapeze were something of a budding super group with Hughes later joining Deep Purple , Galley joining Whitesnake and Holland joining Judas Priest. Medusa the album was written by the band members and produced by John Lodge, of the Moody Blues, and released on the Moodies own Threshold label. Ork. --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.

You Are the Music..We're Just the Band [IMPORT]
Audio CD (September 8, 2003)
Original Release Date: 1972
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Lemon Records UK
ASIN: B0000AJ5S3
Full Title - You Are The Music...We're Just The Band. First time on CD. Remastered reissue of the British hard rock outfit's 1972 album featuring 8 tracks. Lemon. 2003.

Track Listings
1. Keepin' Time - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
2. Coast to Coast - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
3. What Is a Woman's Role - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn
4. Way Back to the Bone - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
5. Feelin' So Much Better Now - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn
6. Will Our Love End - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn
7. Loser - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
8. You Are the Music - Trapeze, Galley, Mel

Hot Wire
Audio CD (November 12, 1996)
Original Release Date: 1974
Number of Discs: 1
Label: One Way Records Inc
ASIN: B000002R8H
When people think of Trapeze they generally think of "Medusa" and "You are the Music...We're Just the Band", but this has long been my favorite album. Despite the departure of Glenn Hughes to Deep Purple this still rocks! Mel and Tom Galley together with Dave Holland, who would move to Judas Priest down the road, have an excellent selection of music and lyrics here. Great tracks are "Midnight Flyer", "Turn It On", and "Back Street Love". This is a little different sound than earlier works, but a great breath of fresh air with a driving beat. Try it! You won't regret it.
Track Listings
1. Back Street Love
2. Take It on Down the Road
3. Midnight Flyer
4. Wake Up, Shake Up
5. Turn It On
6. Steal a Mile
7. Goin' Home
8. Feel It Inside

Audio CD (November 12, 1996)
Original Release Date: 1976
Number of Discs: 1
Label: One Way Records Inc
ASIN: B000002R8I Limited edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. Threshold. 2006. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Track Listings
1. It's Only a Dream - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
2. The Giant's Dead Hoorah - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
3. Over - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
4. Nancy Gray - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
5. Fairytale - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
6. Verily Verily - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
7. Fairytale - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
8. It's My Life - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
9. Am I - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
10. Suicide - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
11. Wings - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
12. Another Day - Trapeze, Galley, Mel

Hold On
Audio CD (August 11, 1998)
Original Release Date: 1998
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Cleopatra
ASIN: B000009ONG
Even without Glenn Hughes, TRAPEZE proved that they were really a gifted band. THis CD sounds fresh, emmotive, hard. New vocalist Pete Goalby (who would later join Uriah Heep for their 1982 album ABOMINOG)fits perfectly and even contributes with three songs (one-third of the album).Mel Galley's guitar is still great and sharp. Dave Holland's drumming is also very good, but he soon went on to play something totally different in Judas Priest.
HOLD ON is great, even with this uninspired title (there literally HUNDREDS of songs with the name "HOLD ON"....)

Track Listings
1. Don't Ask Me How I Know - Trapeze, Goalby, Pete
2. Take Good Care
3. When You Go to Heaven - Trapeze, Goalby, Pete
4. Livin' on Love - Trapeze, Goalby, Peter
5. Hold On
6. Don't Break My Heart
7. Running
8. You Are
9. Time Will Heal

Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos [LIVE]
Audio CD (August 4, 1998)
Original Release Date: 1980
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Live
Label: Cleopatra
ASIN: B000009NXG
'Live In Texas...' was recorded at the Opry House in Austin in May,1981.Guitarist Mel Galley was the only original member in the band at the time.I had no idea that Trapeze had existed as long as they did.Looks like the group had put out over a dozen lp's,including a reunion CD with Galley and two other original members.Pretty much just straight-ahead rock n' roll.Nothing really all that special here.Decent though.The most happening cuts would probably be "Back Street Love","Midnight Flyer" and "Black Cloud".Line-up:Mel Galley-guitar&vocals,Peter Goalby-vocals,Pete Wright-bass and Steve Bray-drums.Might appeal to fans of Captain Beyond,Blues Image,Cactus and Montrose.

Track Listings
1. Back Street Love
2. Hold On
3. Midnight Flyer
4. You Are The Music
5. Black Cloud
6. Way Back To The Bone

Welcome to the Real World--Live 1992 [LIVE] [IMPORT]
Audio CD (November 7, 2000)
Original Release Date: 1998
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Live, Import
Label: Deep Purple Records
Previously unreleased 1992 reunion show featuring nine tracks, including both classics & then new material. The line-up here is Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Dave Holland (Judas Priest), Mel Galley (Whitesnake) and Geoff Downes (Asia, Buggles). The gig is from The Borderline in London on May 16th, 1992. 1998 Purple Records release. The full title is 'Welcome To The Real World - Live 1992'. Purple Records.

Track Listings
1. You Are The Music - Trapeze, Galley, M.
2. Way Back to the Bone - Trapeze, Hughes, G.
3. Welcome To The Real World - Trapeze, Hughes, G.
4. Coast to Coast - Trapeze, Hughes, G.
5. Midnight Flyer - Trapeze, Galley, M.
6. Homeland - Trapeze, Hughes, G.
7. Touch My Life - Trapeze, Galley, M.
8. Your Love Is Alright - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
9. Black Cloud - Trapeze, Galley, M.

High Flyers: The Best of Trapeze
Audio CD (February 27, 1996)
Original Release Date: February 27, 1996
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Polygram Records
ASIN: B000002G6S

AWESOME! There are some intense cuts on this CD that will put you in a zone! Listen to the rifs,drums, bass, you wont hear this style from any other band in the business today. I first ran across Trapeze when I was 13 yrs old (I'm 42 now) and have been jamming ever since. I also recommend Trapeze:Medusa and Trapeze:Hot Wire. Pick em up and turn em up! BOTH ARE EXCELLENT CDs!

Track Listings
1. Send Me No More Letters - Album/U.K. Single Version
2. Your Love Is Alright - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
3. Black Cloud - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
4. Medusa - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn
5. Coast to Coast - Trapeze, Hughes, Glenn [1]
6. Will Our Love End - Trapeze, Hughes [1]
7. You Are the Music - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
8. Good Love - Trapeze, Hughes [1]
9. Dats It - Trapeze, Galley, Mel
10. Send Me No More Letters - U.S. Single Version

Live at the Boat Club 1975 [IMPORT] [LIVE]
Audio CD (September 8, 2003)
Original Release Date: August 5, 2003
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import, Live
Label: Mlp
Recorded at the legendary Nottingham club for a live radio broadcast. 70 minutes, nine tracks, of high energy classic rock & riffs including material from their four mid-70s albums. MLP. 2003.

Band Members
Mel Galley MySpace
Glenn Hughes Web Site MySpace Fan Site You Tube Facebook Twitter Hughes/Thrall
Dave HollandThe band thank you for all your comments and messages. For personal messages to Glenn or Mel please use their individual Myspace pages.

Trapeze - Rock / Funk / Classic Rock 70's

Years active

Trapeze were an English rock band formed in March 1969, by vocalist John Jones and guitarist/keyboardist Terry Rowley (who named the band), with guitarist Mel Galley, singer/bassist Glenn Hughes, and drummer Dave Holland. The band had a fairly fluid line up, finally dissolving in 1994, and although they never found commercial success themselves, several members went on to join better known bands including Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Judas Priest and Uriah Heep.
The core and more familiar line-up of the band was Glenn Hughes, Mel Galley and Dave Holland. After Glenn Hughes' departure in June 1973, Galley and Holland decided to try to keep the band together, which they did with constantly members varying until 1979 when Holland went on to join Judas Priest. At this point the band broke up. Holland tried to revive the band in 1990, after leaving Priest, but the band finally broke up in 1994. Their first three albums remain their best known and most commercially successful.

1969 - 1973
Trapeze was formed in 1969 by vocalist John Jones and guitarist/keyboardist Terry Rowley (both former members of the band Montanas) with guitarist Mel Galley, singer/bassist Glenn Hughes, and drummer Dave Holland. Trapeze issued its self-titled debut album Trapeze in 1970, but early that year Jones and Rowley would return to Montanas. Now in late 1970 the more familiar trio of Galley, Hughes, and Holland surfaced for the first time with the album Medusa also released in late 1970.Trapeze would tour as this trio until early 1973. The band toured mostly in the UK and the Southern U.S, their commercial success was minimal up to this point. You Are the Music...We're Just the Band released in 1972 saw Glenn Hughes leave the band after the 1973 tour for the first time to replace Roger Glover in Deep Purple. After the departure of Glenn Hughes the bands profile and sales grew, mostly of the first three albums that Hughes was on but their concert base grew with them now playing small arenas all over the U.S.

1974 - 1977
In 1974 the band released The Final Swing a best of compilation that had two previously unreleased tracks called "Good Love" and the hit song, "Dat’s it" that was a fan favorite at the live shows for many years prior to its release. Guitarist Rob Kendrick and bassist Pete Wright signed on for Trapeze's 1974 album Hot Wire that see the band go to a more hard rock sound just like the next release in 1976 that saw a second self-titled album also named Trapeze.
The original trio of Galley, Hughes, and Holland reunited for a short time in late 1976, It was to be a full-fledged reunion with an album of new songs but Hughes again left the band before the album could be produced. Glenn Hughes solo album called Play Me Out released in 1977 would have two new so-called Trapeze's songs "LA Cut-Off" and "Space High" that Galley, and Holland played with Hughes on the short 1976 Trapeze's reunion tour, that were written by Hughes for Trapeze new album that never came to be.

1978 - 1982

Hold On also called Running was released in late 1978, and again would feature Pete Wright in addition to new guitarist and singer Pete Goalby. The 1981 live album Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos featured new drummer Steve Bray because Dave Holland was now playing with Judas Priest as of late 1979. With Mel Galley all alone when Pete Goalby left to sing for Uriah Heep in 1981, Mel Galley toured one last time then went on to play for Whitesnake, leaving Trapeze disbanded by late 1982.

1991 - 1994
The original trio of Galley, Hughes, and Holland reformed again in 1991 with the addition of Asia's and Yes's keyboard player, Geoff Downes, for a small tour and released a live album in 1993 of the reunion show called Welcome to the Real World.
Then In February 1994 Galley, Hughes, and Holland reformed again playing in New York city a tribute concert for vocalist, Ray Gillen of Badlands and Black Sabbath fame. This led to other dates that kicked off in the UK on March 11th 1994 at the Robin R’n’B Club in their home town of the West Midlands region, and starting in April in the U.S that also included veteran blues guitarist, Craig Erickson accompanying Hughes on both lead and rhythm guitar

Post Band History
1989 saw "The Loser" appear on Time-Life's Lost 70s Guitar Classic's. 2003 saw the released On the Highwire a best of album that has 23 tracks on it with all the fan favorites such as "Black Cloud", "Way Back To The Bone", "Keepin' Time", "Your Love Is Alright" and "Back Street Love". In 2004 ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee paid homage by covering "Way Back To The Bone" on his album of seventies cover versions. Then in 2006 canadian rock legend Pat Travers also paid homage by covering "You Are The Music" on his album of seventies cover versions called P.T. Power Trio 2 Former guitarist Mel Galley died of esophagus cancer on July 1, 2008 at the age of 60.

Trapeze band members

Mel Galley - lead and bass guitars
Glenn Hughes - bass guitar, six-string guitar, piano, trombone, vocals
Dave Holland - drums
John Jones - vocals, trumpet
Terry Rowley - organ, guitar, piano, flute
Mel Galley - guitars, vocals
Glenn Hughes - bass guitar, piano, lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar (live 1973)
Dave Holland - drums, percussion
Pete MacKie - bass (live 1973)
Mel Galley - guitars, lead vocals
Dave Holland - drums, percussion
Rob Kendrick - guitars
Pete Wright - bass
Mel Galley - guitars, vocals
Dave Holland - drums, percussion
Pete Goalby - lead vocals, guitar
Pete Wright - bass
Mel Galley - guitars, vocals
Pete Goalby - lead vocals, guitar
Pete Wright - bass
Steve Bray - drums
Mel Galley - guitars, vocals
Steve Bray - drums
Mervyn 'Spam' Spence - bass, vocals
Richard Bailey - keyboards
1991 / 1994
Mel Galley - lead, some rhythm and bass guitars, vocals
Glenn Hughes - bass guitar, six-string guitar, rhythm guitar , piano, trombone, vocals
Dave Holland - drums, percussion
Geoff Downes - keyboard (1991)
Craig Erickson - guitars (1994)

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DAMON FOWLER Group - Sugar Shack - Release Date: January 27, 2009

Sugar Shack

Audio CD (January 27, 2009)
Original Release Date: January 27, 2009
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Blind Pig
ASIN: B001MIG242

Com suas raízes híbrido de rock, blues, e do aço sagrado, Brandon, Flórida nativo Damon Fowler começou impressionando o público com sua guitarra explora como um adolescente, construindo uma reputação como um dos mais jovens jogadores na cena. Adicionando composições e habilidades vocais para o seu repertório ao longo dos anos trouxe-lhe muitos elogios, com os críticos exaltando o seu talento musical e maturidade, bem como seus conhecimentos técnicos. Fowler trabalho de guitarra tem sido comparado a Johnny Winter e Jeff Beck, enquanto sua guitarra slide tem uma dica do final de Duane Allman. Ele pode tocar guitarra ardente com o melhor deles, mas é a sua obra lírica em Dobro lap steel e que o faz se destacam entre as legiões de heróis da guitarra. Blind Damon showcases estréia Pig sua mistura de soul southern rock, blues e slide pântano relâmpago é executado.

1. Some Fun 2. VFW 3. I Hope It's Gonna Rain 4. Lonely Blues 5. James 6. Sugar Lee 7. Sugar Shack 8. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down 9. Third Rate Romance 10. Wrong Side Of The Road 11. Don't Know Why I Love You 12 . I'm Just an Old Chunk Of Coal

Live AtSkipper's Smoke House
Released 2003

1. Jig Is Up 2. TV Momma 3. Ghetto Woman 4. Rollin' and Tumblin' 5. Sweet Marmalade 6. Riverview Drive 7. Pocket Full Of Blues 8. Hot Tamales 9. 28 Degrees 10. Broke Down Engine
Damon Fowler Group EPK - [ Traduzir esta página ]
The Damon Fowler Group is a popular and powerful three piece blues-based band from Tampa Florida. The Damon Fowler Group performs at major blues festivals ...www.damonfowler.com/ - 7k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes

LESLIE WEST - Collection September 25, 2007

Audio CD (September 25, 2007)
Original Release Date: September 25, 2007
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Blues Bureau Int'l

Track Listings
1. Boom Boom - Leslie West, Hooker, J.L.

2. Don't Start Me Talkin' - Leslie West, Williamson, Sonny B
3. Crosscut Saw - Leslie West, Ford, R.G.
4. Blues Before Sunrise - Leslie West, Carr, Leroy
5. Hit the Road Jack - Leslie West, Mayfield, Percy
6. Crossroads - Leslie West, Johnson, Robert
7. House of the Rising Sun - Leslie West, Weinstein, L.
8. Baby Please Don't Go - Leslie West, Morganfield, McKinl
9. Sinner's Prayer - Leslie West, Fulson, Lowell
10. Look at Little Sister - Leslie West, Ballard, H.
11. Whisky Train - Leslie West, Reid, Keith
12. Summertime - Leslie West, Heyward, Dubose

Leslie West está jogando melhor do que nunca. Puro e simples. Catch Mountain viver próxima vez que eles vêm para sua cidade. e, desde meados dos anos 90, Leslie tem lançado uma série de álbuns solo, o que me parece estar ficando cada vez melhor. Esta compilação é tomada a partir de 4 de seus discos no rótulo Mesa Blues e característica Leslie abrangendo principalmente blues clássicos e algumas canções de rock também. Feito estilo Leslie claro. Forte trabalho de guitarra ritmo e alguns dos piores solos que ele já colocou em cera. E como um bônus adicional você obter uma versão absolutamente rasgando de Robert Johnsons clássico "Crossroads", que Leslie apresenta frequentemente em performances.Although Montanha Montanha ainda libera o álbum de estúdio ocasional, é sobre esses álbuns de blues, onde Leslie realmente brilha. Quando muitos outros artistas de sua geração têm amadurecido a ponto de tédio, Leslie ainda está brincando com fogo e paixão. Viva o rei da montanha!

Mountain - Leslie West Mystic Fire - [ Traduzir esta página ]
Leslie West, Corky Laing, and Richie Scarlet, would like to thank all the fans for their support in 2007 and through the years.. Go to Mountain's my space ...www.mountaintheband.com/ - 14k -

Night Of The Guitar - um grande disco(VINYL)

Night of the Guitar - Live!
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Label: IRS
1989 - Night of the Guitar - Live!Este álbum foi gravado durante o evento "Night of the Guitar" no Hammersmith Odeon em Londres em 26 de novembro de 1988..

Livingstone Brown - baixo e teclados
Chris Bucknell - teclados
Derek Holt - guitarra base & vocais
Clive Mayuhu - bateria

Guitarristas: Randy California, Pete Haycock, Steve Howe, Steve Hunter, Robby Krieger, Alvin Lee, Andy Powell, Ted Turner e Leslie West
Mestre de Cerimônia:Miles Copeland
Convidado especial:Stewart Copeland

1. Dr. Brown I Presume (Haycock)
2. The Idler (Hunter)
3. Lucienne (Haycock)
4. Groove Thing (California)
5. Hey Joe (Roberts)
6. Love Me Two Times (Doors)
7. The King Will Come (Wishbone Ash)
8. Theme From An Imaginary Western (Bruce/Brown)
9. Sketches In The Sun (Howe)
10. Wurm (Howe)
11. No Limit (Lee/Hubbard)
12. Ain't Nothin' Shakin' (Fontane/Lambert/Colacrai/Gluck)
13. All Along The Watchtower (Dylan)
1989 - Night of the Guitar - Live!
Download Cd 1
Download Cd 2
Senha: lagrimapsicodelica

London - Nov. 26, 1988 - Rock'n Roll Medley - Whole Lotta Shakin' - Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Johnny B. Goode - Rock & Roll Music - Bye Bye Johnny ......Guitarists: Alvin Lee, Leslie West, Ted Turner, Steve Hunter, Steve Howe, Randy California,.Andy Powell, Pete Haycock and special guest Stewart Copeland on Drums

LESLIE WEST - uma grande guitarra do rock(born Leslie Weinstein on October 22, 1945) is an American rock guitarist, singer and songwriter.


(Leslie Weinstein, nascido em 22 de outubro de 1945) é um americano rock guitarrista, cantor e compositor.

West nasceu em Nova Iorque, e cresceu em toda Long Island, em East Meadow, Forest Hills e Lawrence. [1] Depois de seus pais divorciados, ele mudou seu sobrenome para o Ocidente. - Sua carreira musical começou com o andantes, um R & B / Blue-eyed soul - rock banda influenciada pela gosta do The Rascals, que foi um dos poucos adolescentes garage rock actos para sair de Manhattan em si (em oposição ao boêmio Greenwich Village cena de artistas, poetas e afiliadas da Geração Beat, que produziu bandas como The Fugs e The Velvet Underground). O andantes tinha duas pequenas batidas no Leste E.U.: 1966's "I Can't Make um Amigo" e uma capa de Otis Redding 's "Respeito" no ano seguinte.
Alguns dos andantes "As gravações foram produzidas por Felix Pappalardi, que estava também a trabalhar com Natas (ele produziu o seminal Disraeli Gears). Em 1969, Oeste e Pappalardi formariam o pioneiro hard rock acto Montanha, também o título do Oeste's debut solo album. 1969 da Montanha não possuem um tecladista, mas uma foi posteriormente acrescentado à banda para mantê-los a partir de uma aparente como Cream imitação.
A banda original da encarnação e Ocidental viu Pappalardi partilha funções vocais e tocando guitarra e baixo, respectivamente, e Corky Laing na bateria com o tecladista Steve Knight. Eles tiveram sucesso com "Mississipi Queen", que atingiu # 21 no Billboard gráficos e # 4 no Canadá. "Theme For an Imaginary Western". Foi seguido pelo Jack Bruce-escreveu "tema para um imaginário ocidental". Montanha feitas até uma das bandas de ser considerado um precursor do antecessor e ao heavy metal music.
Após a cisão da Montanha, West e Laing iria produzir dois álbuns estúdio e um ao vivo com a libertação Cream baixista Jack Bruce, com o nome West, Bruce e Laing. Montanha reformada em 1974, só para acabar com alguns anos mais tarde, mas desde 1985 tem continuado a turnê e gravar.
West também gravado com The Who durante o 1971 Who's Next sessões sobre uma capa de Marvin Gaye é "Baby Don't You Do It". Embora a pista não foi originalmente incluída no álbum, ele apareceu no 1995 e 2003 reissues. Ele também contribui para as demonstrações de que se tornou uma das canções do grupo assinatura, "Won't Get Enganei Again".
West também tocado guitarra para a faixa "Bo Diddley Jam" na Bo Diddley 's 1976 20 º Aniversário do Rock' n 'Roll all-star álbum.
West contribuiu com a música e co-escreveu a letra da música "Imortal" na Embraiagem's 2001 album Pure Rock Fury, que foi capa de uma revista a canção "Baby I'm Down" na Leslie West do primeiro álbum.
Em 2005, ele contribuiu para Ozzy Osbourne 's Sob Capa álbum, realizando guitarra em um remake de "Mississipi Queen"
Além de frontalização Montanha, Ocidente continua a gravar e executar na sua própria. . Seu último álbum solo, intitulado Blue Me, foi lançada em 2006 sobre o Bureau Internacional de Blues rótulo. Em 2007 Montanha liberada Masters of War no Big Rack Records, um álbum apresenta 12 Bob Dylan diz que vê Ozzy Osbourne fornecendo hóspede vocais em uma entrega do título faixa.
West foi induzido na Long Island Music Hall of Fame, em 15 outubro de 2006 [2].
West é conhecido por ajudar a popularizar o uso de Gibson Les Paul Jr. violão, juntamente com o uso de Sunn Amplificadores, para criar um som que se tornou sua marca som.O Junior foi originalmente concebido e vendido como um novato do instrumento, mas West era um dos primeiros profissionais a utilizar o modelo em gravações e performances em concerto.Houve, pelo menos, dois deles em sua coleção, uma "TV Amarelo" e do outro uma sunburst. Ele usou estas guitarras direto Sunns 1969-1975. Para além das duas Les Paul JRS, ele usou uma modificados Gibson Flying V (com o pescoço e um captador removido P90 montado na ponte posição) circa 1971-1972, e uma clara Dan Armstrong Ampeg Lucite de slide guitar. Atualmente, ele defende violões equipados com dupla humbuckers, conectado em Marshall amperes.De 1977 a 1982, ele usou uma assinatura de bordo efeitos MPC modelo violão, criado pela empresa japonesa Electra. Outra assinatura guitarra modelo é fabricado por Ed Roman Guitars, intitulado de "Leslie West Foguete". Atualmente também tem um modelo de assinatura Dean Guitars, uma E.U.A. Soltero Leslie West Assinatura equipado com um captador DiMarzio custom-concebidas conhecida como a Megadrive.
Em 2005, recebeu um patrocínio com Ocidente Carlsbro amplificadores, e pode freqüentemente ser visto jogar através de "Carlsbro Top 50" válvula cabeças. Seu estúdio é um amplificador Marshall JMP. Para performances ao vivo ele utilizou Marshall JCM 900S. Ele é bem-visto pelo seu uso de octaver, coro e demora efeitos. West é actualmente (2008) patrocinado pela Budda Amplificadores e joga-los em turnê [3].
West agora reside em Englewood, New Jersey.
For his work with Mountain and West, Bruce and Laing, see their pages.
1969 Mountain

1975 The Great Fatsby

(1975) The Great Fatsby
Download [SB] [76MB]

(1975) The Great Fatsby
1 Don't Burn Me 3:01 2 House of the Rising Sun 4:59 3 High Roller 4:17 4 I'm Gonna Love You Thru the Night 2:38 5 E.S.P. 2:46 6 Honky Tonk Women 3:20 7 If I Still Had You 2:17 8 Doctor Love 2:59 9 If I Were a Carpenter 5:20
10 Little Bit of Love 2:35

1976 The Leslie West Band

(1976) The Leslie West Band
Download [SB] [75MB]

(1976) The Leslie West Band
1 Money (Whatcha Gonna Do) 3:40 2 Dear Prudence 4:44 3 Get It Up (No Bass - Whatsoever) 2:58 4 Singapore Sling 1:42 5 By the River 2:50 6 The Twister 2:25 7 The Setting Sun 3:42 8 Sea of Heartache 3:33 9 We'll Find a Way 3:15 10 We Gotta Get Out of This Place 4:423

1988 Theme

(1988) Theme
Download [SB] [32MB]

(1988) Theme
1 Talk Dirty 3:38 2 Motherlode 3:10 3 Theme For An Imaginary Western 4:42 4 I'm Cryin' 3:27 5 Red House [Jimi Hendrix Experience cover] 4:40 6 Love Is Forever 3:53 7 I Ate It 2:52 8 Spoonful [Willie Dixon cover] 7:38 9 Love Me Tender [Elvis Presley cover] 1:30

1989 Alligator

(1989) Alligator
Download [SB] [26MB]

(1989) Alligator
1 Sea of Fire 5:01 2 Waiting for the F Change 4:24 3 Whiskey 2:17 4 Alligator 3:23 5 I Put a Spell on You 4:12 6 All of Me 3:06 7 The Stealer 2:17 8 Hall of the Mountain King 3:09 9 Dream Lover 2:03

1989 Night of the Guitar- Live!

1993 Live

(1993) Live by Ricardo F
Download [RS] [115MB]

(1993) Live
1 Intro Guitar Solo 1:34 2 Never in My Life 5:53 3 Theme for an Imaginary 6:50 4 Third Degree 7:46 5 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 6:58 6 Goin' Down 4:46 7 Baby I'm Down 1:36 8 Nantucket Sleighride 7:31 9 Mississippi Queen 6:02

1994 Dodgin' the Dirt

(1994) Dodgin' the Dirt
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(1994) Dodgin' the Dirt
1 Whiskey Train 4:23 2 Daddy Are You Angry 4:09 3 New York State of Mind 3:18 4 Sambuca 2:42 5 Juke Joint Jumpin' 2:53
6 Easy Street 2:53 7 One Last Lick 2:43 8 Crosscut Saw 4:07 9 Hang Me Out to Dry 4:45 10 Wasted Years 3:35 11 My Friend Sam 1:53 12 Thunderbird 5:12 13 Red House 8:06

1999 As Phat as it Gets

(1999) As Phat as It Gets
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(1999) As Phat as It Gets
1 Saturation (I'm in Love With You) 3:22 2 The Cell 4:13 3 Allergic 4:16 4 Palace of the King 4:47 5 Stormy Monday 7:07 6 I Can't Shake It 4:12 7 Tequila 2:06 8 Me and My Guitar 4:55 9 Dragon Lady 3:41 10 Raw Nerve 3:39 11 Respect 3:11 12 As Phat as It Gets 3:09

2003 Blues to Die For

(2003) Blues to Die For
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(2003) Blues to Die For
1 Crawlin' Kingsnake 5:08 2 Boom Boom 4:31 3 Mean Mistreater 5:47 4 I'm Ready 4:55 5 Talk to Your Daughter 3:59 6 Don't Start Me Talkin' 5:48 7 Hellhound on My Trail 4:03 8 Born Under a Bad Sign 3:39 9 Down by the River 4:16 10 I Got the Blues 4:35
11 Why I Sing the Blues 8:36

2005 Guitarded

(2005) Guitarded
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(2005) Guitarded
1 Allergic 4:19 2 Cross Cut Saw Blues 4:07 3 Stormy Monday 7:09
4 Honky Tonk Women 3:17 5 Hang Me Out Dry 4:02
6 If Heartaches Were Nickels 7:51 7 The Cell 4:13 8 Dragon Lady 3:43 9 Goin' Down 4:47 10 Third Degree 7:34 11 Born to Be Wild 3:08 12 Old Brown Shoe 5:33 13 Theme for an Imaginary Western 6:53

2005 Got Blooze

(2005) Got Blooze
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(2005) Got Blooze
1 Baby Please Don't Go 4:09 2 Third Degree 4:17 3 Louisiana Blues 4:53 4 I Can't Quit You 4:49 5 Riot in Cell Block # 9 3:51 6 House of the Rising Sun 4:34 7 ( Look Over ) Yonder's Wall 3:33 8 The Sky Is Crying 5:39 9 Politician 4:44 10 The Thrill Is Gone 5:36 11 Walk in My Shadow 3:38 12 Heartbreak Hotel 3:30

2006 Blue Me

(2006) Blue Me
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(2006) Blue Me
1 Blues Before Sunrise 4:33 2 I Woke Up This Morning 4:35
3 Four Day Creep 3:18 4 Hit the Road Jack 3:44 5 Standing Around Crying 6:38 6 One Thing on My Mind 3:52 7 Green River 3:54 8 Sinner's Prayer 6:31 9 Woman 4:07 10 Tore Down 3:30
11 Summertime 7:09

A compilation of singles done in the 1960s by The Vagrants was released as The Great Lost Album in 1986.
Leslie West - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - [ Traduzir esta página ]
2 Feb 2009 ... Leslie West (born Leslie Weinstein on October 22, 1945) is an American rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_West - 35k -

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LESLIE WEST Of MOUNTAIN - Mississippi Queen2 min 43 segwww.youtube.com
Leslie West Theme from an imaginary western6 minwww.youtube.com

Leslie West [Mountain] on MySpace Music - Free...MySpace Music profile for Leslie West [Mountain]. Download Leslie West [Mountain ] Classic Rock / / music singles, watch...www.myspace.com/lesliewestmountain

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TOMMY BOLIN - The Ultimate . . . [DOUBLE CD] [BOX SET]

The Ultimate . . . Tommy Bolin

Tommy Bolin (Author), Zephyr (Author), James Gang (Author), Billy Cobham (Author), Moxy (Author), Alphonse Mouzon (Author), Deep Purple (Author)

Audio CD
Original Release Date: 1989
Number of Discs: 2
Format: Double CD, Box set
Note on Boxed Sets: During shipping, discs in boxed sets occasionally become dislodged without damage. Please examine and play these discs. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund or replace your purchase.
Label: Geffen Records

Product Description:

1989 2-disc 12" x 12" Geffen Records CD box set with 24-page oversized booklet complete with photographs and history of Tommy Bolin's too-short music career, from Zephyr through jazz fusion and Deep Purple to two critically-acclaimed solo albums.
UPC 075992424820.

Disc One: 1. ZEPHYR: Sail On; 2. ZEPHYR: Cross the River; 3. ZEPHYR: See My People Come Together; 4. ZEPHYR: Showbizzy; 5. JAMES GANG: Alexis; 6. JAMES GANG: Standing in the Rain; 7. JAMES GANG: Spanish Lover; 8. JAMES GANG: Do It; 9. BILLY COBHAM: Quadrant 4; 10. MOXY: Train; and 11. MOXY: Time to Move On;

Disc Two: 1. ALPHONSE MOUZON: Golden Rainbows; 2. ALPHONSE MOUZON: Nitroglycerin. 3. DEEP PURPLE: Gettin' Tighter; 4. DEEP PURPLE: Owed to 'G'; 5. DEEP PURPLE: You Keep On Moving; 6. DEEP PURPLE: Wild Dogs; 7. TOMMY BOLIN: Dreamer; 8. TOMMY BOLIN: People, People; 9. TOMMY BOLIN: Teaser; 10. TOMMY BOLIN: Sweet Burgundy; 11. TOMMY BOLIN: Shake the Devil; and 12. TOMMY BOLIN: Brother, Brother.
"In Memory of Tommy R. Bolin Aug 1 1951- Dec 4 1976"
TOMMY BOLIN 1951-1976

Discografia [modifica] Album di gruppo [modifica] Zephyr [modifica] * Zephyr (1969) * Going Back to Colorado (1971) * Live at Art's Bar and Grill (1996) James Gang [modifica] * Bang (1973) * Miami (1974) Billy Cobham [modifica] * Spectrum (1973) * Rudiments: The Billy Cobham Anthology (2004) Alphonse Mouzon [modifica] * Mind Transplant (1975) * Tommy Bolin & Alphonse Mouzon Fusion Jam (Rehearsals 1974) (1999) Deep Purple [modifica] * Come Taste the Band (1975) * Last Concert in Japan (1976) Album solisti [modifica] Studio [modifica] * Teaser (1975) * Private Eyes (1976) * From the Archives, Vol. 1 (1996) * The Bottom Shelf (1996) * From the Archives, Vol. 2 (1997) * Energy (1999) * Snapshot (1999) * Naked (2000) * Naked (2002) * After Hours: The Glen Holly Jams - Volume 1 (2004) * Whips and Roses (2006) Live [modifica] * Live at Ebbets Field 1974 (1996) * Live at Ebbets Field 1976 (1996) * Live at Northern Lights Recording Studio (1996) * The Energy Radio Broadcasts (1998) * First Time Live (2000) * Live 9/19/76 (2001) * Live in Miami at Jai Alai: The Final Show (2002) * Alive on Long Island (2003) * Tommy Bolin and Energy Live (2003) * Albany 9/20/76 (2004) * Live at the Jet Bar (2004) Raccolte [modifica] * The Ultimate: The Best of Tommy Bolin (1989) * Come Taste the Man (1999)


BLACK OAK ARKANSAS - First 30 Years (2003)-DVD



Banda americana de rock com um som ao estilo de Lynyrd Skynyrd e The Marshall Tucker Band, liderada pelo vocalista Jim “Dandy” Mangrum (nascido em 30 de março de 1948 em Black Oak, Arkansas), que junto a um grupo de amigos pouco amantes da vida escolar e sim do rock’n'roll, decidiram formar em sua adolescência uma banda onde pudessem direcionar sua paixão musical.
Esses amigos eram os guitarristas Ricky “Ricochet” Reynolds, Harvey “Burley” Jett y Stan “Goober” Night, o baixista Pat Dougherty e o baterista Wayne Evans.
No final da década de 60, depois de muitas dificuldades (foram acusados muitas vezes de roubo, único meio que encontravam para manter seus instrumentos)conseguiram se estabelecer em uma cidade de Nova Orleans com o nome “Knowbody Else”. Ali publicaram um Lp em 1969 pela gravadora Stax.
No final da década, Knowbody Else voltou a mudar de localidade, mudando-se para Los Angeles, onde se rebatizaram novamente, agora com o nome definitivo de “Black Oak Arkansas”, derivado do lugar de nascimento de Mangrum.
O projeto foi muito afortunado, logo firmaram contrato com a gravadora Atlantic e publicaram “Black Oak Arkansas” (1971), um disco notável produzido por um membro do Iron Butterfly, Lee Dorman, que contava com temas do calibre de “Hot and nasty”, “Uncle Elijah” o “Lord, have mercy on my soul”.
Seus shows tambén aumentaram espetacularmente de audiência, sendo seguidos por um bom número de fãs que desejavam contemplar o fibroso, sensual e potente espetáculo oferecido por Mangrum e sua banda, que misturavam sons boogie, country-rock, alguns toques de hard-rock e principalmente rock.
Seu segundo Lp como Black Oak Arkansas seria “Keep the faith” (1972), um álbum que dava sequência aos sons e letras de seu primeiro disco. Depois deste trabalho, o baterista Wayne Evans abandonaria o grupo, sendo substituído nas baquetas por Tommy Aldridge, que já havia participado da gravação de “If an angel came to see you, would you make her feel at home?” (1972) terceira obra do conjunto de Arkansas que foi produzida por Tom Dowd, essencial personagem do southern rock que já havia trabalhado com os Allman Brothers e também com os Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Apesar de que todos seus discos haverem obtido um respeitável resultado comercial, “Raunch ‘n’ roll live” (1973), um disco direto e “High on the hog” (1973), seu melhor trabalho em estúdio, confirmaram a banda em 1973 como referência de ponta dentro do gênero.
Em “High on the hog” veio incluída sua canção mais popular, “Jim Dandy to the rescue”, uma enérgica versão de Lavern Baker cantada com a alma por Mangrum e Ruby Starr.
Posteriores trabalhos da banda como “Street Party” (1974), “Ain’t life grand” (1975) -onde fizeram uma versão de “Taxman” dos Beatles- “X-Rated” (1975), “Live! Muta” (1976), “10 year overnight success” (1976), “Race with the devil” (1977) o “I’d rather be sailing” (1978) resultaram mais irregulares que “High on the hog”.
Em 1980 o líder da banda sofreu um ataque do coração, que lhe impossibilitou de continuar com sua carreira, resultando na separação do Black Oak Arkansas.
Com empenho, Jim “Dandy” Mangrum se recuperou de seus ataques cardíacos e regressou ao mundo da música para gravar solo e posteriormente recuperar seu conjunto na gravação de “The Wild Bunch” (1999), um aceitável disco produzido por Lanny Cordola (ex membro da Giuffria) onde reuniram parte dos componentes originais deste importante grupo de southern rock.
Na minha opinião pessoal esta banda serviu de referência para a formação do Guns N Roses, sendo que Axel Roses é quase uma réplica de Jim Dandy, tanto na parte visual como no estilo e tonalidade vocal.

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Resultados de vídeo para Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas - First 30 Years (2003)
Black Oak Arkansas

Actors: Black Oak Arkansas
Format: Color, Dolby, DVD-Video, Original recording remastered, NTSC
Language: English
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Rhino / Wea
DVD Release Date: March 25, 2003
Run Time: 89 minutes
ASIN: B00008K771

Uma das bandas mais hard do Sul raunch rockin n 'roll dos anos 70 Black Oak Arkansas. Quando alguma vez alguém me perguntar quem é BOA eu digo do David Lee Roth fronting Lynyrd Skynyrd. Curso do cantor Jim "Dandy" Mangrum foi muito antes David Lee Roth. JD era conhecido por seu vocal rosnado baixo, seu sorriso malicioso e ele tocando washboard. W / músicas como "Hot & Nasty", "Hot Rod", "Bump & Grind" e "Back Door Man", entre outras canções BOA. Este DVD foi posto para fora por Rhino Home Video e composto de 89 minutos de imagens ao vivo do Back Stage. Embora o título diz The First 30 Years mostra realmente BOA de '73 para '75. Há algumas entrevistas, mas não tenho certeza que ano que foi gravado. Maioria está na W / color alguns clipes em preto e branco. Começa w / "Diggin 'For Gold brincar", enquanto imagens da banda nos bastidores. A história da W / banda ainda fotos. De faixas de 2-9 é a partir de Londres 1974. I love "Mutants of The Monster", mas eles não fizeram a intro JD fala antes de ir para a canção. Eu não sei se foi editado ou a ele não fazê-lo naquele show. BOA também faz um cover de

"Taxman", que é um número grande e famosa capa de "Jim Dandy". Digo isto concerto '74 é um dos melhores no DVD. Então você tem este documentário de BOA intitulado "All You Need Is Love". Há um ministro falando sobre os males da BOA. Também a banda mostra seus compostos nas colinas de Arkansas. Eles falam sobre esta comunidade, que está cercada por uma cerca de madeira enorme e no interior é uma pequena cidade de correios para uma escola. Próximo concerto do DVD é North Carolina Motor Speedway em 1974. Trata-se de cerca de 2 músicas longas w / JD mostrando-lhe em torno de seu ônibus de turnê. A 1975 Summer Tour mostra Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo. Tommy é um baterista incrível que jogou w / vários artistas, como Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Pat Travers, Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent e muito mais. Então você tem 2 entrevistas um w / JD a outros w / Butch Pedra Gerente de Negócios, que fala sobre o tempo em '73 ele dirigia um político jovem casal Bill e Hillary de Arkansas BOA para ver em concerto. Os últimos 2 músicas são de 1973, Barton Coliseum que é um pouco embaçada. Para um verdadeiro show que eu digo the'74 Londres é mostrar boas cenas de BOA. Eu gostaria que eles tinham a forma de concerto Don Kirshners concerto de rock que mostra JD saltando sobre os bateristas set. Esta é uma coleção muito boa já que não há muito mais em torno da filmagem BOA. Os créditos são banda Jim "Dandy" Mangrum, Rickie Lee Reynolds, Stanley Knight, Pat Daugherty, Harvey Jett, Jimmy Henderson, Tommy Aldridge, Wayne Evans e (o falecido) Ruby Starr. Eu não vi Ruby Starr, mas se ela estava no filme ela estava em algum lugar no fundo. As características especiais incluem ainda algumas fotos.

Black Oak Arkansas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - [ Traduzir esta página ]
10 Feb 2009 ... Black Oak Arkansas is an American Southern rock band named after the band's hometown of Black Oak, Arkansas. The band reached the height of ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Oak_Arkansas - 33k -

Black Oak Arkansas Live Concert at University of Reading (Reading ... - [ Traduzir esta página ]
20 Aug 2008 ... Black Oak Arkansas Live Concert at University of Reading (Reading, UK) Aug 9, 1976 - Listen for free to complete concerts from music's ...concerts.wolfgangsvault.com/dt/black-oak-arkansas-concert/20052600-742.html - 54k -