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SPIRIT - SALVATION....THE SPIRIT OF '74 - Original Release Date: September 3, 2007

Audio CD (September 10, 2007)
Original Release Date: September 3, 2007
Number of Discs: 3
Format: Import, Live, Original recording remastered
Label: Acadia Records

This 3-CD set consists of all previously unreleased material dating from 1974 and 1975. Discs one and two contain concert material that’s mostly from the short lived trio of 3/5ths of the original band, Randy California, Mark Andes and Ed Cassidy. It finds them in small club settings wood shedding material (no less than 10 songs) that would eventually be heard on the classic Spirit of 76 album as well as Spirit classics and a handful of impromptu covers. These are bolstered by several tracks with Barry Keane. Disc three is all studio material and is centered around an unreleased album “Spirit of Salvation,” many of the songs from this abandoned album later became Son of Spirit, but here they are all different, and often superior versions. The album is capped off with five solo demos from Randy California.

Disc 1 (The 2 live cds taken as a whole:)
Storm in the Night
Like a Rolling Stone - Spirit, Dylan, Bob
I've Got to Use My Imagination - Spirit, Goffin, Gerry
Fresh Garbage - Spirit, Ferguson, Jay [1]
My Road
Old Blue - Spirit, Traditional
Joker on the Run
So Little Time to Fly
All Along the Watchtower - Spirit, Dylan
I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) - Spirit, Jagger
Same Old Thing, Urantia

Disc 2 (The 2 live cds taken as a whole:
18 tracks from Ebbetts Field, Denver Colorado, 10/30-31/1974
8 tracks from Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio, 06/30/1975
3 tracks from Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin Texas 06/19/1975
3 tracks from unknown locations)
Hey Joe - Spirit, Roberts
Guide Me
Electro Jam - Mr. Skin
Run Sinner Run - Spirit, Lipscomb
Cripple Creek - Spirit, Traditional
It's All the Same
I Got a Line on You
Ebbetts Crowd (Applause) - Spirit,
Doin' Fine
Victim of Society
On the Road Again - Spirit, Wilson, Alan
Happy - Spirit, Jagger
Goin' Down - Spirit, Nix
All Along the Watchtower [Version] - Spirit, Dylan

Disc 3 (Studio recordings between Aug,1974 and March,1975:)
Sunrise [#][Version]
Kathy [#][Version]
I've Got to Use My Imagination [#][Version] - Spirit, Goffin, Gerry
Looking into Darkness [#][Version]
Neptune Caper [#][Version]
Positively 4th Street [#][Version] - Spirit, Dylan
Jimmy Brown [#][Version] - Spirit, Traditional
Wake Up America [#][Version]
Family [#][Version]
Magic Fairy Princess [#][Version]
Cass Drums [#][Version] - Spirit, Cassidy, Ed
The Salvation [#][Version]
Maharaji Speaks (Dialouge) [#][Version] - Spirit,
Holy Man [#][Version]
Maybe You'll Find [#][Version]
Future in My Hands [#][Version]
You're So Beautiful
Circle [#][Version]
It's Time Now [#][Version]
So Happy Now [#][Version]
Miss Lani [#][Version]
Sparkling Sands [#][Version]
High with You [#][Version]
Seven Fires [#][Version]
Bad Luck and Troube (The Stars Are Love) [#][Version] - Spirit,
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They recorded and performed as Spirit until January 2, 1997: that day, Randy California drowned in the ocean while rescuing his twelve-year-old son from a ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_California - 52k -

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