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CHICKENFOOT - Filmore NYC May 28 2009(bootleg).......

Filmore NYC May 28 2009

Filmore NYC USA
May 28 2009

Chickenfoot is.....
Sammy Hagar - Vocals
Michael Anthony - Bass, Vocals
Joe Satriani - Guitar
Chad Smith - Drums

I recorded this show using an Olympus digital audio recorder, although it is lossy recorder, this show came out very good, GREAT GREAT GREAT SHOW !!!!!I have seen everyone under the sun and this was one of the best bands i have ever seen, if these guys stick together, keep rockin' and don't fag out buy shooting for the pop chart busters top 10, they can go down as one of the best rock bands ever. I NEVER SAY THIS ABOUT ANYONE! they started the show rockin' and didn't stop til the end, and they had a lot of fun doing it.I dont know what else to say, buy the album, go see them at any cost, well worth it.there was a guy behind me recording the show, he had a very nice setup, if his is shared it will be much better than mine, and this one is pretty damn good. also Joe's Mom was in the aud.85yrs old.ENJOY AND ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!

1. Avenida Revolution<>2. Soap On A Rope<>3. Sexy Little Thing<>4. Oh Yeah<>5. Running Out<>6. Give It Up<>7. Down The Drain<>8. Bitten By The Wolf<>9. My Kinda Girl<>10.Learning To Fall<>11.Turning Left<>12.Future In The Past<>13.Bad Motor Scooter<>14.Highway Star.


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