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A Tree Full of Secrets (18 CD Bootleg Set)
the definitive Pink Floyd rarities compilation

Esta caixa conjunto inclui tudo o que qualquer fã Pink Floyd vai sonhar, de demonstrações de ultrarare edições, diferentes edições mistas, outtakes sessão de gravações, e não apenas a partir de catálogo também do Pink Floyd cada membro da banda também!, você tem a singles, demos, outtakes de Roger Waters, David Gilmour e os ultra raras coisas de Nick Mason e Richard Wright.

Basicamente, esta colecção inclui todas as canções não regulares sobre álbum (compilações, singles, Promos, trilhas ...), bem como raras versões de estúdio e acetatos outtakes.

A collection of studio outtakes and rarities:

Volume 1 :
All the available versions of the "early singles" (mono, fake stereo, stereo, acetate, promo edit), rare studioouttakes ("Let's Roll Another One", 1967 Abbey Road studio sessions...), superb versions of the unreleased"Scream Thy Last Scream"/"Vegetable Man" single, rare promo versions of "Remember A Day", "Let ThereBe More Light" and "Corporal Clegg".
CD01: "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" Sessionscd0
CD02: "A Saucerful of Secrets" Sessions and the singles of the time
Volume 2:
Songs from "Ummagumma" era, "Moonhead", rare Italian single "In Concerto", "One Of These Days" demos,"One Of These Days"/"Fearless" promo single, Roger The Hat interview and a whole CD (CD4) dedicated tothe "Dark Side Of The Moon" rarities (single versions, promo edits, rough mixes, demos, outtakes), compiledin the same order as the album (from "Breathe" to "Eclipse").
CD03: "Ummagumma", "Atom Heart Mother", and "Meddle" outtakes, hidden messages
CD04: "The Dark Side of the Moon" Sessions
Volume 3:
Rarities from "Wish You Were Here" era (mainly "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", 7 different versions!),"Animals", "The Wall", "The Final Cut", without forgetting the 1981 version of "Money" and "When TheTigers Broke Free"/"Bring The Boys Back Home" single.
CD05: "Wish You Were Here" sessions
CD06: "Animals", "The Wall", and "The Final Cut" Sessions
Volume 4:
All the post-Waters Pink Floyd rarities: singles and promo CDs from "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason", "TheDivision Bell" and "P*U*L*S*E".
CD07: "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" and "The Division Bell" Sessionscd
CD08: "The Division Bell" and "P*U*L*S*E" Sessions
Volume 5:
Soundtrack from "San Francisco", "Tonite Let's All Make Love In London", "The Committee" (excellent sourcedirectly from the film!), "More" and "Zabriskie Point".
CD09: non-album songs between "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and "More"
CD10: "The Zabriskie Point" Sessions
Volume 6:
Soundtrack from "The Body" (Roger Waters and Ron Geesin), "La Vallee" (Pink Floyd), "Magritte" (RogerWaters), "The Hit" (Roger Waters and Eric Clapton), "When The Wind Blows" (Roger Waters), "White Of TheEye" (Nick Mason and Rick Fenn). Radio ads for "Live At Pompeii" are also included.
CD11: "Music from The Body" "Magritte" & "The Hit" Sessionsads for "Live At Pompeii" ; "Obscured by Clouds" Sessions
CD12: Roger Waters "When The Wind Blows" + Nick Mason Fenn's "White Of The Eye"
Volume 7:
Soundtrack from "La Carrera Panamericana" (Pink Floyd), "Ruby Takes A Trip" (David Gilmour), "The Art OfTripping" (Divid Gilmour), "The Colours Of Infinity" (David Gilmour), "The Dybbuck Of The Holy Apple Field"(Roger Waters) and "La Leggenda Del Pianista Sull Oceano" / "Legend Of 1900" (Roger Waters).
CD13: "La Carrera Panamericana" soundtrack
CD14: "The Dybbuk from the Holy Apple Field" soundtrack"La Leggenda del Pianista Sull'Oceano" + "Legend Of 1900" soundtrack
Volume 8:
Jokers Wild (featuring a very young David Gilmour) mini LP from 1965, singles from "David Gilmour" and"About Face" solo albums, and all the Roger Waters rarities (from "The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking" to"Amused To Death"), including Waters's song "Incarceration Of A Flower Child" performed by MarianneFaithfull.
CD15: David Gilmour's sessions for his self-titled album and "About Face"David Gilmour + "Joker's Wild"Roger Waters "The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking" and "Radio KAOS" Sessions
CD16: Roger Waters "Radio KAOS", "The Wall In Berlin", "Amused to Death" Sessions
Volume 9:
Rarities from Zee (Rick Wright and Steve Harris), Rick Wright's "Broken China" promo CD and extendedversion of "Lie For A Lie", from Nick Mason and Rick Fenn, featuring David Gilmour on vocals.
CD17: rarities and remixes from Rick Wright's solo work
CD18: movie version of "Mother" and a ten-minute mix of songs from "The Wall"
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