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Cold Wind Blues
Original Release Date: 1968
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Original recording remastered, Import
Label: MGM
ASIN: B00005JY8K

Oh my god, how long time I was looking for this album and now I hold it in my hands. One good soul sent me it from Germany, when I bought it on e-bay. My pleasure is big, because this american group reissue Akarma records in 2001 and today is hard to find it.Music of this band is characteristic american model of progressive blues-rock with nice sax sound and I can't understand, why this group with this wonderful stuff stayed unknown before the large audience. But fortunately today exist publishing houses with this type of music in their catalogue. Believe me, you must hear it
Artist: Colwell-Winfield Blues Band
Title: Cold Wind Blues
Label: Akarma Records/Boston Sound (http://www.cometrecords.com/)
Genre: Blues-Rock Format: 180-Gram Vinyl LP/45 Release Date: 1968/2001

The Colwell-Winfield Blues Band have only two albums to their credit, "Cold Wind Blues (1968)" and "Live Bust (1971)." As this album testifies, regardless of their lean recorded output, they made their mark on blues-rock. Besides being a great band, their other claim to fame is that they opened for blues-rock monsters Led Zeppelin on tour.
The tracks that give you the best birds eye view of this band's sophistication is the over seven minute long instrumental "Govinda" followed by the beautiful "Wind Is Singing," which is a bonus track. "Govinda" has a Middle-Eastern quintessence, like something you would hear on a Beatles album during their psychedelic period. Another treat for collectors is a bonus 45 with alternate versions of "Cold Wind Blues" and "Whole Lot of Lovin'."
This entire platter just oozes with the feeling and sexual energy of the blues, you can feel it heart and soul in every note, it is one of the best white boy blues workouts I have ever heard. I hope somewhere down the road more of their work is uncovered. This LP is a long lost gem and a treasure trove of great blues-rock tracks that you will covet in your collection. Although 1968 is long ago and you may have missed this music then, the here and now has never been a better time to discover this music.

Side One 1. Free Will Fantasy-4:22 2. Got A Mind-6:54 3. Dead End Street-8:00 4. Whole Lot of Lovin'-3:36
Side Two 1. Cold Wind Blues-4:49 2. Going Down Slow-4:44 3. Govinda-7:04 Bonus Track 4. Wind Is Singing -4:10
7" Bonus Side A- Cold Wind Blues (Version 2)-4:00 Side B- Whole Lot of Lovin' (Version 2)-3:49

Credits: Bill Colwell - Guitar Chuck Purro - Drums Jack Shroer - Alto, tenor, soprano Saxophone Moose Sorrento - Vocals Collin Tilton - Tenor Saxophone, flute Michael Winfield - Bass

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