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SLADE ALIVE - Live at Granada Studios 1972 / Live At East Germany Television 1977

SLADE ALIVE - Live at Granada Studios 1972 / Live At East Germany Television 1977

Video codec DivX6 1335 kbps Resolution - 720x544 25 fps Audio: mp3 320 kbps 2 channels 2005 1.5 GB 80 min approx.  Genre: Rock Styles: Glam Rock, Pop Rock

Import DVD released in 2005. Made In EU.
LIVE AT GRANADA STUDIOS Manchester, Englang 1972

1. Medley#2. Here Me Calling#3. Look What You Dan#4. Darling Be Home Soon#5. Coz I Luv You#6. Get Down And Get With It#7. Born To Be Wild


8. When The Lights Are Out#9. Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me#10. The Bagin' Man#11. Born To Be Wild#12. Coz I Luv You#13. Get Down And Get With It#14. Goodbay T'Jane#15. Hown Does It Feel#16. A Night To Remember#17. Look Wat You Dan#18. Mama Weer All Crazee Now#19. Mary Xmas Everybody#20. Rock'n'Roll Preacher (Halleluijah I'm On Fire)#21. All Right#22. Wel Bring The House Down

TV East Germany 1977

1. Cum On Feel The Noize#2. An Interview#3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now#4. Coz I Luv You#5. Goodbay T'Jane#6. Noddy Holder interview#7. Gypsy Roadhog#8. Jim Lea interview#9. The Begin' Man#10. Don Powell interview#11. Far Far Away#12. Dave Hill interview#13. When The Lights Are Out#14. My Baby Left Me#15. Credit#16. My Baby Left Me (encore)

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Slade Live At East Germany 1977. These days you can buy a DVD on the net called Rare Videos - Live at Granada Studios 1972/Live At East Germany Television ...slade40years.cms4people.de/slade_archiv_2006.html -
Slade Alive! was a live album released by the British rock band Slade. The album was released on March 24, 1972, and reached No. 2 on the UK Charts. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slade_Alive! -
Slade alive 4 min 16 segwww.youtube.com
Slade Alive 7 minwww.wat.tv

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