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5th June 2005 Le Zénith, Lille Grand Palais, Lille, France
Why Aye Man
Walk of Life
What it is
Sailing to Philadelphia
Romeo & Juliet
Sultans of Swing
Done with Bonaparte
Donegan's Gone
Song for Sonny Liston
Boom, Like That
Speedway at Nazareth
Telegraph Road
Brothers in Arms
Money for Nothing
So Far Away
The Mist Covered Mountains/Wild Theme


Studio album by Mark Knopfler

Released September 28, 2004

Recorded 2004

Genre Rock
Length 66:00
Label Warner Bros. (US)
Producer Mark Knopfler, Chuck Ainlay

Shangri-La é o quarto álbum solo de Mark Knopfler, lançado em 2004. Ele apresenta o seu estilo de contar histórias assinatura do songwriting. Foi lançado em HDCD e em 5.1 Surround Sound em SACD.
"Boom, Like That", que começou a receber airplay em algumas áreas dos Estados Unidos em setembro de 2004, foi inspirado por autobiografia de Ray Kroc trituração-lo ea partir do McDonald's, usando muitas das palavras exatas Sr. Kroc.
"Song for Sonny Liston" é uma canção sobre o famoso boxeador do mesmo nome, e "Donegan's Gone" é sobre o músico e cantor escocês Lonnie Donegan. "5:15" conta a história de 1967 um "assassinato bandido armado".

Track listing:
All songs written by Mark Knopfler.

"5.15 A.M." – 5:54
"Boom, Like That" – 5:49
"Sucker Row" – 4:56
"The Trawlerman's Song" – 5:02
"Back to Tupelo" – 4:31
"Our Shangri-La" – 5:41
"Everybody Pays" – 5:24
"Song for Sonny Liston" – 5:06
"Whoop De Doo" – 3:53
"Postcards from Paraguay" – 4:07
"All That Matters" – 3:08
"Stand Up Guy" – 4:32
"Donegan's Gone" – 3:05
"Don't Crash the Ambulance" – 5:06
Mark Knopfler – guitars, vocals
Richard Bennett – guitars
Jim Cox – organ, piano, harmonica
Chad Cromwell – drums, percussion
Glenn Worf – bass guitar, bass
Paul Franklin – pedal steel guitar
Guy Fletcher – organ, piano, clavinet


From February to July 2005, Mark Knopfler set out on a world tour to promote the album, performing both solo material and old Dire Straits numbers.

The setlist remained nearly unchanged and was as follows:
"Why Aye Man"
"Walk of Life"
"What It Is"
"Sailing to Philadelphia"
"Romeo and Juliet"
"Sultans of Swing"
"Done With Bonaparte"
"Song for Sonny Liston"
"Boom, Like That"
"Speedway at Nazareth"
"Telegraph Road"
"Brothers in Arms"
"Money for Nothing"
"So Far Away"
Other songs
"The Trawlerman's Song" (a couple of times, after "Sailing to Philadelphia")
"Donegan's Gone" (very often, after "Song for Sonny Liston")
"Rüdiger" (very often, after "Donegan's Gone")
"All That Matters" (a couple of times, after "Rüdiger")
"Baloney Again" (rarely)
"A Night in Summer Long Ago" (only once, in Johannesburg, after "Done With Bonaparte")
"Our Shangri-La" (approx. 50% of the shows, after "So Far Away")
"The Mist Covered Mountains" & "Wild Theme" from Local Hero (approx. 50% of the shows, as a 2nd encore)

Mark Knopfler - Shangri-Lille - 1ère partie

Zénith de Lille, 5 Juin 2005, France
Set List :
1- Why Aye Man
2- Walk Of Life
3- What It Is
4- Sailing To Philadelphia
5- Romeo And Juliet
6- Sultan Of Swing
7- Done With Bonaparte
8- Donegan's Gone
9- Rüdiger
10- Song For Sonny Liston


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