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Audio CD (November 16, 2004)
Number of Discs: 4
Format: Box set, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition, Import
Label: Alucard UK

About the AlbumThis is a 4-CD set of rare tracks and unusual items. It is NOW ON SALE at http://www.gentlegiantmusic.com/. (WebTV users try this link instead.)

Dan Bornemark, the creator of this album, writes:
After six years of searching for previously unreleased Gentle Giant rarities, we can finally present an overwhelming wealth of tracks and traces from the past!
All audio -- over 12 hours (!) -- has carefully been cleaned-up from tape noise and rumble and has undergone thorough restoration.
This is the ultimate treasure chest, for the faithful Gentle Giant fan, and will give the new listener a chance to discover one of the worlds most competent bands and their creative minds!
Two discs cranned with special mixes, demos, edits and outtakes from Gentle Giant's private stock of vintage recordings.

Three new compositions that reunite four members of the band! (Home Again, Moog Fugue, and Move Over, on disc 3. These reunite Kerry, John, Ray, and Phil.)
One jam-packed disc with never before heard solo project material by Kerry Minnear, Gary Green, Ray Shulman and John P. Weathers, and a previously unreleased single from Simon Dupree and the Big Sound!
One full to overflowing data disc entirely dedicated to audio files and visuals!
Over 200 mp3 files covering 8 hours of bonus audio including rehearsals, concerts, demos, a single and a sample archive with almost
100 original Gentle Giant studio sounds!
Over 200 photos from Gentle Giant´s archive!
PDF versions of tour booklets, promo material, Kerry's original manuscripts, stickers and bonus stories!
Rare MPEG films starring the hilarious Mr. John P. Weathers and the gentle Mr. Minnear!
Complete package contains over 12 hours of enchanting Gentle Giant musical entertainment!
32 page booklet with comments from band members and the producer plus a Gentle insight to the Giant legend as told by guitarist Gary Green!
Produced by Dan Bornemark
Original artwork by original Giant artist George Underwood!

Disc One (77 min 49 sec)
Material from "Giant" through "Free Hand":

"Giant" - Vocal Mix
"Alucard" - Derek, Master of Ceremonies
"Pantagruels Nativity" - Vocal Mix
"Schooldays" - Piano, Studio
"Schooldays" - Grand Piano, Studio
"Working All Day" - Demo
"Peel the Paint" - Different Solo
"Mr. Class & Quality" - Intro Bits + Complete Solos
"Three Friends" - Piano Experiment
"Three Friends" - Vocal Mix
"Kerry's Kindness"
"Think of Me with Kindness" - Studio Outtake
"Keyboard Concerto" - Plymouth 1973
"In a Glass House" Intro
"Runaway/Experience" Segue
"Way of Life" without Vox
"Proclamation" - Rehearsal before take
"Proclamation" - Demo
"Playing the Game" - Experiment
"Playing the Game" - Pick'n'Mix
"Playing the Game" - Alternative Part
"The Boogie and the Woogie" - Cogs
"No God's a Man" - Demo
"No God's a Man" - Vocal Mix
"The Face" - Demo
"Valedictory" Starts
"The Power and the Glory" - Inbetweenies
"The Power and the Glory" - Demo / Band / Studio Pick'n'mix
"The Power and the Glory" Second Song
"With Gentle Giant on KMET" Jingle (Oct. 10 1974 L-A Whisky A-Go-Go)
"On Reflection" - Rehearsal Chaos
"Free Hand" Riff
"His Last Voyage" - Vocal Mix

Disc Two (74 min 11 sec)
Material from "Free Hand" through "Civilian":

"His Last Voyage" - Demo
"Talybont" - Special mix
"Talybont" - Demos
"Mobile" - Demos
"Mobile" - Studio Outtake
"Give it Back" - Guitar
"Give it Back" - Funny voices
"Another Show" - M8
"Empty City" - Studio Outtake
"Empty City" - Guitar and Rhodes Mix
"Empty City" - Vocal Mix
"Timing" - Demo
"Intro '77"
"Two Weeks in Spain" - Rehearsal
"Two Weeks in Spain" - Studio
"12 bar Warmup + Who Do You Think You Are?" Outtake + Rehearsal
"Rock Me Baby"
"As Old as You're Young"
"Winning" - Band Rehearsal - Odd M8
"Winning" - Lights Rehearsal - Pinewood
"For Nobody"
"For Nobody" - Vocal Mix
"Friends" - Demo
"Rock Climber" - Band rehearsal
"Shadows on the Street"

Disc Three (76 min)
New recordings, and old solo projects:

"Home Again" (Kerry Minnear)
"Moog Fugue" (Kerry Minnear)
"Move Over" (Kerry Minnear)
"Really Don't Know" (Kerry Minnear)
"Heaven's Tears" (Kerry Minnear)
"Flower Arranging" (Kerry Minnear)
"Living In a Restaurant" (Kerry Minnear)
"You Make Me Very Happy" (Kerry Minnear)
"Get Out of My Way" (Kerry Minnear)
"Wisdom Was Calling" (Kerry Minnear)
"Good Christian Men Rejoice" (Kerry Minnear)
"Hava Nagila" (Simon Dupree and the Big Sound)
"Homeland" (Simon Dupree and the Big Sound)
"Burn My Working Clothes" (John P. Weathers)
"On Safari" (Shout: Gary Green, Ray Shulman; with Sally Minnear)
"Starting Line" (Demo) (Shout: Gary Green, Ray Shulman)
"Running Away" (Demo) (Shout: Gary Green, Ray Shulman)
"Our World" (Gary Green)
"Back To the Front" (Gary Green)
"Prehistoric Boss Level" (Ray Shulman)
"Volcano" (Ray Shulman)

Disc Four
This is a CD-ROM. Here is a listing of the files.
Disc 4 (513:40)

1. Nothing at all-Piano Solo (1970-mp3 audio) 2.07 2. Loop Idea going into Inmates Lullaby (1973-mp3 audio) 7.14 3. Piano and Vox Improvisation (1973-mp3 audio) 9.01 4. Octopus-Plymouth 1973 (Plymouth,17.9.1973-mp3 audio) 15.38 5. The Runaway (Torino,Palazzo dello Sport,19.10.1973-mp3 audio) 5.28 6. Way of Life (Torino-mp3 audio) 6.32 7. Funny Ways (Torino-mp3 audio) 9.04 8. Excerpts from Octopus (Torino-mp3 audio) 12.38 9. Nothing at All (Torino-mp3 audio) 15.42 10. Plain Truth (Torino-mp3 audio) 7.05 11. Recording So Sincere-Complete (1974-mp3 audio) 24.34 12. So Sincere Clavinet Riff & Glockenspiel (1974-mp3 audio) 3.44 13. The FBI File #1 (1974-mp3 audio) 1.51 14. The FBI File #2 (1974-mp3 audio) 2.17 15. Just the Same-Backing Track (1975-mp3 audio) 5.45 16. On Reflection-Clavinet Composing/Improvising (1975-mp3 audio) 3.13 17. On Reflection-Celesta (1975-mp3 audio) 1.04 18. Free Hand-Backing Track (1975-mp3 audio) 6.12 19. Time to Kill-Backin Track (1975-mp3 audio) 6.12 20. His Last Voyage-Vocal demo (1975-mp3 audio) 0.56 21. Octopus in Rehearsal 1975 (mp3 audio) 11.03 22. Interview-Counter Melody (1976-mp3 audio) 0.45 23. Interview-Trying Rhythms (1976-mp3 audio) 2.24 24. Interview-Rehearsal (1976-mp3 audio) 5.28 25. Give it Back-Guitar (1976-mp3 audio) 2.38 26. Empty City-Accoustic Guitar (1976-mp3 audio) 3.31 27. Empty City-Electric Guitar (1976-mp3 audio) 1.51 28. Timing-Guitar Part Check (1976-mp3 audio) 2.15 29. Timing-Rehearsal (1976-mp3 audio) 3.09 30. I Lost My Head-Composing 1 (1976-mp3 audio) 12.25 31. I Lost My Head-Composing 2 (1976-mp3 audio) 17.24 32. I Lost My Head-Clavinet Guide (1976-mp3 audio) 3.32 33. I Lost My Head-Rehearsal (1976-mp3 audio) 1.07 34. The Runaway-Experience (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 8.35 35. As Old As You're Young (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 4.55 36. On Reflection (interrupted but continues) (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 7.08 37. Just the Same-Playing the Game (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 10.38 38. Memories of Old Days (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 6.45 39. Winning (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 6.48 40. For Nobody (not complete) (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 3.50 41. Funny Ways (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 7.27 42. The Face-Plain Truth (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 3.53 43. So Sincere (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 9.59 44. Free Hand (interrupted) (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 2.38 45. I'm Turning Around-Rehearsal (1977-mp3 audio) 2.31 46. Mountain Time-Piano (1977-mp3 audio) 1.30 47. Mountain Time-Girls (1977-mp3 audio) 2.33 48. Memories of Old Days-Guitar Rehearsal (1977-mp3 audio) 2.05 49. Memories of Old Days-Guitar Studio (1977-mp3 audio) 2.02 50. Memories of Old Days-Harmonics+Hammond Organ (1977-mp3 audio) 0.28 51. Winning-Rehearsal (1977-mp3 audio) 2.46 52. Words From the Wise-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 4.03 53. Thank You-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 3.41 54. Spookie Boogie-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 3.06 55. Little Brown Bag-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 3.40 56. It's Only Goodbye-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 4.09 57. Freedoms Child-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 4.34 58. Unknown Giant for a Day Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 1.52 59. All Through the Night-Rehearsal (1979-mp3 audio) 5.00 60. It's Not Imagination-Rehearsal (1979-mp3 audio) 3.52 61. Fine Friends You Turned Out to Be (mp3 audio) 1.48 62. Guitar Duet-Rehearsal (mp3 audio) 5.47 63. Groove-Kerry (mp3 audio) 1.22 64. Guitar Thing (mp3 audio) 0.31 65. Derek-Possible Robin Hood Thing 1 (mp3 audio) 0.38 66. Derek-Possible Robin Hood Thing 2 (mp3 audio) 0.58 67. Derek-Possible Robin Hood Thing 3 (mp3 audio) 1.41 68. Glockenspiel (mp3 audio) 1.29 69. Every day-1964 (Kerry Minnear-Grundig Tape-mp3 audio) 2.35 70. Phantom Brothers-1964 (Kerry Minnear-Grundig Tape-mp3 audio) 1.09 71. Kerry's Old Grey Whistle Test-1964 (Kerry Minnear-Grundig Tape-mp3 audio) 0.37 72. Jazzy Me-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 3.13 73. Make it Work (Pain)-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 2.21 74. That's One Idea-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 0.56 75. One More Chance-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 1.14 76. Some Other Time-1968 (Kerry Minnear-Peter Brooksmith Songs-mp3 audio) 2.09 77. Turn Out the Sun-1968 (Kerry Minnear-Peter Brooksmith Songs-mp3 audio) 2.04 78. An Echo of Today-1968 (Kerry Minnear-Peter Brooksmith Songs-mp3 audio) 3.08 79. He Started to Dance-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 4.14 80. I Watch You-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 5.03 81. The Baby is Crying-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 2.42 82. We've Taken All the Flags Away-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 1.53 83. Writing for Sturminster Newton's Choir-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 1.40 84. Fairground-Kerry's Demo/Band Demo-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 4.04 85. Et resurexit-1972 (Kerry Minnear-Very Fragile Tape-mp3 audio) 0.43 86. Shepherd's Be-Madrigal-1972 (Kerry Minnear-Very Fragile Tape-mp3 audio) 0.29 87. Fathers Touch-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 0.43 88. Piano Riff-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 0.30 89. Home Again-Demo-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 4.32 90. Are You Making Money?-Demo-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 4.20 91. Flower Arranging-Demo-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 3.36 92. I Wanna Live-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 4.02 93. Beautiful Vocal Line-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 0.10 94. I'm Gonna Change-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 2.20 95. Really Don't Know-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.56 96. Heaven's Tears-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.57 97. Flower Arranging-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.14 98. Living in Restaurant-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.41 99. You Make Me Very Happy-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.45 100. Pick-Me-Up-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.31 101. Sorry-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.01 102. Headline-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.01 103. Theme for Life-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.04 104. Olympics '92-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 0.31 105. Rain Again-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.01 106. This Country-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.04 107. This Country 2004 Mix (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.04 108. Staring Line-Vinyl (Shout-mp3 audio) 4.32 109. Running Away (Shout-mp3 audio) 4.47 110. Is This a Tunnel? (Shout-mp3 audio) 4.06 111. Dance (Shout-mp3 audio) 3.09 112. Friday Night Suit (Shout-mp3 audio) 3.20 113. Groove (Gary Green 1977-mp3 audio) 0.46 114. Noodle 1 (Gary Green 1979-mp3 audio) 1.27 115. Noodle 2 (Gary Green 1979-mp3 audio) 1.11 116. Mikal-Electric Guitar (Gary Green 1982-mp3 audio) 1.03 117. Mikal-Accoustic Guitar (Gary Green 1982-mp3 audio) 0.15 118. Waltz Through the Night (Gary Green 1993-mp3 audio) 2.24 119. Ray Demo (Ray Shulman 1982-mp3 audio) 5.19 120. Showmix (Ray Shulman-mp3 audio) 8.27 121. Sample Archive (94 Dateien-mp3 audio) 37.06 Total Time:(513:40)

Final line-up
Derek Shulman - lead vocals, saxophone, recorder, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, Shulberry

Ray Shulman - bass, trumpet, violin, vocals, viola, drums, percussion, recorder, guitar

Kerry Minnear - keyboards, lead vocals (on recordings only), cello, vibraphone, xylophone, recorder, guitar, bass, drums

Gary Green - guitar, mandolin, vocals, recorder, bass, drums, xylophone

John "Pugwash" Weathers - drums, percussion, vibraphone, xylophone, vocals, guitar

Former members

Phil Shulman - lead vocals, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, recorder, percussion (1970-72)

Martin Smith - drums, percussion (1970-1971)

Malcolm Mortimore - drums, percussion (1971-1972)

Releases information
CD/DVD Alucard/Gentle Giant Records (2004)3 Audio CDs: 79 Tracks/230 Minutes; 1 Data CD w/8 hours of Audio, Video, Pictures, and More

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