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MICHAEL KATON - guitarist-singer-songwriter-producer who plays straightforward blues-rock


Nasceu no Michigan, EUA e começou a tocar profissionalmente aos 15 anos no circuito de bares na região de Detroit.É um guitarrista-vocalista que faz o típico blues-rock americano, pesado, vigoroso e despretensioso. Usando influências de boogie e rockabilly, o som de Katon lembra algumas vezes o que faz George Thorogood, para exemplificar um nome mais conhecido desse estilo.
Entretanto, Katon faz mais sucesso na Europa do que nos EUA. Seu primeiro álbum, "Boogie All Over Your Head" (1984), foi lançado por um selo sueco. Desde então, Michael Katon já lançou 10 álbuns. Sua banda é formada por Ed Phelps (guitarra e gaita), Jon Eppinga (bateria) e Gary Rasmussen (baixo).

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Michael Katon -
Bootleg Boogie Live! (2008)

LIVE And On The Prowl (2007)

Just before Michael Katon hits the road again it's time to release the new live album. It features 12 songs of the Katon catalogue. Classics like "American McMofo", "Back To Your Cages", "Bad Machine", "Rock 'n Roll Man" and "Motorcycle Blues" are just a few of the songs on the album. The sound of Live & On The Prowl is row, mean and spirited, combining lowdown blues and boogie with the amped-up approach of the highest energy rock 'n' roll band you'd care to name.

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Michael Katon -
MK (2006)

Loud...Blues Based Rock'N'Roll ... It is one of the greatest Heavy-Boogie-Blues albums ever, great guitarwork, great rough vocals, uncompromising rough heavy (metal) bluesrock, excelent songs, I think it´s nearly not possible to play boogie blues better.

Michael Katon - Diablo Boogie (Blues Brewed In Hell!) (2006)

heavy,Raw,Loud, Guitar based Blues/Rock. Michael Katon is indeed the ‘Boogie Man From Hell.’ At least that is what I called him after I first met him over 10 years ago. The occasion was an interview for a magazine that I was writing for at the time. I had heard of Michael Katon but didn’t know much about him. After spending a few hours with him I soon realized this cat had a real story to tell (he has jammed with the blues greats and swapped stories with rock legends). We concluded our interview and he gave me a copy of his latest CD at the time, ‘Get On The Boogie Train’, and I was completely blown away as I listened to it in my car on the way home from Hell. Yes folks, he really does live in Hell! Since that time Katon has continued to blister the paint off the walls of nightclubs and concert halls mesmerizing audiences with his no-holds-barred excursions into guitar-drenched boogie. Why Katon is not more widely recognizied in the United States remains an enigma but his loyal legions of fans across Europe can give witness to the man’s mastery of rockin’ blues. Katon’s music is not for the faint of heart. It is upfront, raw and at the same time refreshing. Here is one artist who does not feel the need (thankfully for all of us) to crank out some overproduced, slick piece of recorded tripe. What you are currently holding in your hands represents the work of an artist who in many ways has come full circle. This CD, with its stripped down raw intensity presents a reworking of what can only be called ‘Katon Classics.’ It is also exactly what every Michael Katon devotee could ask for. Featuring some monstrous slide guitar work, hypnotic rhythms (it should be mentioned here that longtime Katon accomplice, drummer Jon Eppinga, provides the superb foot-stompin’, head-bobbing beat on the drums) along with Katon’s trademark rough-hewn vocals, this release allows the man to step back and reach forward into his catalog of well-developed material giving these tracks renewed energy. Right from the start the listener will know they are in for a treat. The title cut, previously released on the album ‘MK’ immediately intones what is ahead with pulse pounding rhythms and jaw-dropping leads. From there it only gets better as the slide-guitar infused numbers from Katon’s past works have been developed into a solid collection of boogie done right; no make that damned right! Tracks like ‘Fried Jalapenos’, ‘The Man From Hell’, and ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ all retain that familiar Katon boogie undertone yet come across with renewed power. It does this release an injustice to not touch on all of the tracks, but space limitations prohibit such a write-up. You the listener will know what I am talking about soon enough. Suffice to say that ‘Diablo Boogie: Blues Brewed In Hell’ will surely satisfy your slide-guitar, boogie demanding soul. It is raw, yet polished by the equivalent of a guitar gemologist who knows when to let a track shine and when to let it hit you right in the solar plexus like a punch delivered by Mike Tyson.

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Michael Katon - Exclusive Limited Squama EDITION CD(2005)

Michael Katon - Bad Machine (2002)

2002 album for U.S. artist who's a guitar hero in Europe after eight self-produced albums & constant touring. 11 tracks of straight forward blues-rock. Highlights include, 'American McMofo', 'Rock 'n' Roll, Whiskey, Blood 'n' Guts', 'The Pierced, Tattooed & Twenty Something Boogie' & 'The Lost T.V. Clicker Blues'
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Michael Katon - The Rage Called Rock 'N' Roll (2000)

“The Rage Called Rock’n’Roll” is Michael’s previous instalment in the musical saga of Michael Katon, the boogie man from Hell. Signature Katon style is what you got yet Michael headed into new directions. Check out “Two Angels Flying”, “Runaway Train” or “Jesus Wears Adidas”. A jagged thread of tradition while breaking new ground. Pure Rock’n’Roll that beats from a blues heart as straight up as they come.

Michael Katon - Rip It Hard! (1997)

Loud, hard charging and full of soul...thats Michael Katon. If your a guitar fan you can't miss with this recording. Much like Walter Trout, Katon is realtively obscure in this country but popular in Europe. The title track pumps hard coming out of the gate and keeps getting hotter. No more whisky, lucky lucky lucky, and Barebque on my Boogie are all time Katon classics. He plays the guitar as i like it, hard rockin' with lots off boogie. I have seen him playing for thousands of people and for only a handfull but it makes no difference, he rocks your socks off. Rip It Hard was recorded in the studio but it has everything from a liveconcert.

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Michael Katon - RUB (1996)

True blue American roadhouse rock & roll, the kind that seldom finds its way into the real world, is a sound impervious to trends and demographics. It's the sound of a million nameless bands throwing down nightly, utilizing the signposts created by Lonnie Mack, Stevie Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top to create music for an audience steeped in barbecue and warm beer who like it rough, direct and honest. As roadhouses become sports bars and boogie bands get replaced by bad karaoke singers, our brethren in Europe keep the flag a-flying by making a cult hero out of Michigan roadhouse warrior Michael Katon. While far from a household name in America, this is actually Katon's fifth album; the wallop he brings to this outing makes it a seamless thread running back to his debut in 1986. Tracks like "Yeah. But We Can Boogie" and "Rockin' In The Promised Land" say it all in their crude barroom splendor, while titles like the opening "Bo Bo Bump," "Been There Done That," "Rock & Roll Redneck Mamma Jamma Honkin' Fool," "Attack Of Badness," "The Man From Hell," and "Cruise-Nite USA" are self-explanatory in their beyond basic message. Katon's guitar work is loud, brutal and in your face every step of the way on this record, one of the fattest I've ever heard on disc. No mere Stevie Ray wannabe, Michael Katon is a true roadhouse blues 'n' boogie man, steeped in tradition with a eye directly on the future.
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Michael Katon - Bustin' Up The Joint (1996)

Live Roadhouse Blues/Rock ... Michael Katon is the heaviest practitioner of true American roadhouse rock'n'roll and blues working today. His sound is raw, mean and spirited, combining lowdown blues and boogie with the amped-up approach of the highest energy rock'n'roll band you'd care to name. Katon's guitar playing is informed with the nastiest and tastiest tones imaginable with torrential slide work and astonishing string bending capabilities. His relentless energy and dedication to pouring every ounce of soul into the music is perhaps best described by an astounded fellow guitarist who said, "Katon won't stop beating on a guitar until he's squeezed every last thing he can possibly get out of it. That guitar is glad to go back in the case at the end of the night, believe me." The first time I saw Michael Katon playing,he was blowing the roof off of some unnamed dump in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio, shaking the walls down with a wild ass sound. Armed with a wall of Super Reverbs with a Strat plugged into 'em that was soaked in sweat and beer with the bridge rusted into place, he was playing with the kind of fervor that only a musician,a true road dog, can put into it. When music is your passion, it becomes part of your fiber and being, you realize that you're married to it, and you put everything real that's inside of you inside of it and you'll play no matter where, no matter what. Maybe that's why Michael Katon impressed me so much that first night. Here was a guy, playin' to a handful of nobody specials in a place the size of a phone booth and he was goin' at it like he was killin' rattlesnakes. He was up there on that postage stamp sized stage, the personification of hillbilly detachment cool, channeling equal parts Lightnin'Hopkins, Albert King,and Paul Burlison, while laying it down like he was knockin'' it out with big stage presence for the festival crowd. Soon after that night his debut album 'Boogie All Over Your Head' was released to international raves, and Katon has hardly had time to look back. European tours to ecstatic audiences have regularly been the norm since that album's foreign release in 1984. A quick look through his gig itinerary finds Katon's no holds barred style equally at home in a variety of settings; sharing international music festival stages with the likes of ZZ TOP and Iggy Pop to blues fests with Junior Wells and Son Seals, or an intimate late night jam with Buddy Guy. No matter what the setting, Katon finds his true audience. As the 80s moved into the next decade one Michael Katon album flowed after another, all of them preaching his roadhouse manifest; 'Proud To Be Loud,' 'Get On The Boogie Train,' 'Rip It Hard,' 'Rub,' 'Bustin' Up The Joint' and 'The Rage Called Rock'n'Roll'are all part and parcel of a musician whose raw,wild and inflammatory style is all of one piece.--- Cub Koda. Now as we head into the 21st century Michael Katon invites you to fire up your 'Bad Machine' and head out to the roadhouse,the party is just starting............
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Michael Katon - Get On The Boogie Train (1992)

No-one rocks the Blues like Michael Katon. This release was the album that really kick-started Michaels career and let the world know that a new Guitar hero was on the prowl. Opening Instrumental "Wake up Call" does just that. It will Wake you up and get your head banging to this wild driving Boogie. As one other reviewer pointed out, there are some average (Filler) tracks on here, and this is the case with most Katon albums. I deduct one star for this reason alone. There will also be plenty of Cliched macho lyrics about whisky, hard living etc to boot, but at the same time, Michael always has a great sense of humour, and more importantly, a great love for his music. Other favourites on the album is the title track "Boogie Train". It starts with a slow teasing boogie riff and a wispy vocal, and then climaxes into a thunderous loud heavy boogie and continues throughout with a pulsating beat. "Rock me till the hounds come home" is another great rocker. "Every girl I see" i had only previously heard from similar Aussie Blues Boogie merchant , Dave Hole, but Michaels version tops that one hands down. Finally, check out "Roadtested". Here is another out and out Boogie Rocker that starts with the Elmore James Trademark Slide Intro (i.e. Dust my Broom etc) and then Michael makes it his own song. Nice slow heavy Blues also feature on the album. Michael regularly did Acoustic sessions on U.K. Radio with Bob Harris, Richard Skinner etc and played this track acoustically as well as "Stop breaking down" etc. I sometimes think though that Michael, after numerous heavy Boogie albums, and they are getting heavier and louder with each release, should go back to his roots and deliver an album of traditional blues of his influences and heroes. Maybe more Blues enthusiasts would then take him seriously.

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This was the first release of Mike Katon and his Wild A's. Michael released it on his own Wild Ass label and only sold it as a cassette via mail. In 1984 Garageland records, a Swedish record company, released it as an LP. It featured Rick Lathers on bass, Michael's brother Marty Katon on drums and Ed Phelps on harmonica. Guest musicians were Chris LaBeau, Mike Hagman and Gary Rednour. The early sound was more a Rockabilly/rock type but also a very special Katon flavour already all over it.


Michael Katon - Proud To Be Loud (1988)

Michael Katon's U.K. schedule around the time of this release was based on rave reviews from the then Bible of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal i.e. "Kerrang" Magazine, giving it 5 Stars out of 5. His first appearance at the legendary London Marquee club turned out to be a healthy gathering,and it was this tour that proved to be the only U.K. tour with Harmonica come guitarist player Ed Phelps. It remained my favourite of many Michael Katon gigs due to the fact that Michael obviously was revelling in the Spotlight. That, and the only time I saw him play one of my All-time favourite Katon songs - "Tight White Pants". I asked him on a few occasions if he would play that song again, but he insisted that he needed the Harp playing to do so. Michael has continued on for the last 18 years as a three piece, and the music usually gets heavier and heavier with each release apart from the below par "Rage called Rock n Roll". The other best songs on the track are the full-on Original Boogie Tracks "Boogie is my Business (And business is good)" and the ever popular "Roadhouse 69". A fine version of the Cream song "Cat Squirrel" is also a highlight. The production is not the best on this album, but it was an improvement on his previous independant release "Boogie all over your head". I dont think this recording has ever been released on CD yet. I have also heard word that Michael is not planning on touring the U.K.Raynors Lane London during the "Rub" tour, and there couldnt have been more than 20 people there. Back to the first time I saw him at the 1st Marquee gig, I will forever remember his dedication to Keith Richards, a barnstorming version of "Midnight Rambler". It would have been a real treat to have heard this on CD, especially a Live album. Proud is a good album, but not his best. again due to fading audiences which is a real shame. I saw him once at the Cine Bar in

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Michael Katon - Live At Café Wilhelmina Eindhoven - 27-05-07 - Get On The Boogie Train

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