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CHUCK BERRY - You Never Can Tell/The Complete Chess Recordings 1960 – 1966

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Product Description

Though he would lose 20 months on questionable legal charges, Chuck Berry found the ‘60s more kind than not. He was recognized as a hero by the stars of the British Invasion, who liberally covered his greatest hits, and his work for Chess during the first six years of the decade was a wonderful continuation of his ground breaking ‘50s recordings. The ‘60s hits weren’t as plentiful, but the era covered by this new set is filled with Berry classics-to-be such as “No Particular Place To Go,” “You Never Can Tell,” “Nadine (Is It You?),”“Come On,” and “Promised Land,” great instrumentals like his two jams with Bo Diddley (“Chuck’s Beat,” “Bo’s Beat”), and an increased concentration by Chuck on blues, including a series of great covers of classics like “The Things I Used To Do,” “Worried Life Blues,” and “Drifting Blues” These were the years prior to Berry leaving Chess for three years at Mercury, and he made the best of them.
This 4 CD set contains 108 recordings, 18 previously unreleased tracks, 2 songs previously only available on a publishing sampler, plus numerous other rarities. Besides the hits, the great blues covers, and other familiar fare, the rarities include a 45 minute live in concert segment recorded in Michigan during October of 1963 that was intended for release but was shelved and features hot versions of “Guitar Boogie,” “Johnny B. Goode,” and “Let It Rock,” among others. There is also a previously unreleased July 1965 session wherein Chuck performs a pair of Big Joe Turner hits, “Honey Hush” and “Shake Rattle & Roll,” and the package also includes previously unreleased instrumental versions of “Brown Eyed Handsome Man,” “My Mustang Ford,” and “Wee Wee Hours.”
All of this great music is amplified by in-depth liner notes by Chuck Berry biographer/discographer Fred Rothwell and features complete session by session recording credits, period graphics and photos, and a ’60 to ’66 singles discography. As with the “Complete ‘50s Chess”, this set was compiled by author Rothwell and Universal’s reissue producer Andy McKaie.
- 108 Classic Tracks Digitally Remastered On
4 CDs- 18 Previously Unreleased Tracks Including
A 45-Minute Live Concert From 1963 & Instrumental Versions Of Berry Classics “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” and “My Mustang Ford” -
Features Original Stereo Versions Of The Hits “No Particular Place To Go,” “You Never Can Tell,” And “Nadine (Is It You?)” -
Track-By-Track Credits, Great Period Graphics & Photos, A Singles Discography, and Extensive Liner
Disc 1
1. Drifting Blues 2. I Got To Find My Baby 3. I Got To Find My Baby (stereo remix) 4. Don’t You Lie To Me 5. Worried Life Blues 6. Our Little Rendezvous 7. Bye Bye Johnny 8. Bye Bye Johnny (stereo remix) 9. Run Around 10. Run Around (stereo remix) 11. Jaguar And Thunderbird 12. Diploma For Two 13. Little Star 14. The Way It Was Before 15. Away From You 16. Down The Road Apiece 17. Down The Road Apiece (stereo remix) 18. Confessin’ The Blues 19. Sweet Sixteen 20. Thirteen Question Method 21. Stop And Listen 22. I Still Got The Blues 23. I’m Just A Lucky So And So 24. Mad Lad (instrumental) 25. Surfin’ Steel (Cryin’ Steel) (instrumental) 26. Route 66 (take 10) 27. Route 66 (alt. take 11) 28. I’m Talking About You 29. Rip It Up 30. Come On 31. Come On (alternate – stereo) 32. Adulteen – previously unreleased commercially 33. The Man And The Donkey
Disc 2
1. Go Go Go (alternate take)* 2. Go Go Go 3. Trick Or Treat 4. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (instrumental)* 5. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 6. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (stereo remix) 7. All Aboard 8. Guitar Boogie* 9. Let It Rock* 10. Almost Grown* 11. Chuck Berry dialog* 12. Johnny B. Goode* 13. Introduction /Instrumental* 14. Sweet Little Sixteen* 15. Wee Wee Hours* 16. Chuck Berry dialog* 17. Maybellene* 18. Medley: Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight/Johnny B. Goode/School Day* 19. Nadine (Is It You?) 20. You Never Can Tell 21. The Little Girl From Central 22. (The) Things I Used To Do 23. I’m In The Danger Zone – previously unreleased commercially
Disc 3
1. Fraulein 2. Lonely All The Time (Crazy Arms) 3. O Rangutang (unfaded instrumental) 4. Big Ben (Blues) 5. Promised Land 6. Brenda Lee 7. No Particular Place To Go 8. You Two 9. Liverpool Drive (instrumental 10. Chuck’s Beat (instrumental) 11. Bo’s Beat (instrumental) 12. Little Marie 13. Go, Bobby Soxer 14. Lonely School Days 15. His Daughter Caroline 16. Dear Dad 17. Want To Be Your Driver 18. Spending Christmas* 19. The Song Of My Love 20. Butterscotch (instrumental 21. After It’s Over (instrumental) 22. Why Should We End This Way
Disc 4
1. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis 2. She Once Was Mine 3. Jamaica Farewell 4. My Little Love Light 5. I Got A Booking 6. St. Louis Blues 7. Shake Rattle & Roll (take 23)* 8. Wee Wee Hours (instrumental)* 9. Honey Hush (take 3)* 10. Run Joe 11. It’s My Own Business 12. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) 13. Every Day We Rock And Roll 14. My Mustang Ford (instrumental)* 15. My Mustang Ford 16. My Mustang Ford (stereo remix) 17. Merrily We Rock And Roll 18. Vaya Con Dios 19. Wee Hour Blues 20. It Wasn’t Me 21. It Wasn’t Me (stereo remix) 22. Ain’t That Just Like A Woman 23. Right Off Rampart Street 24. Welcome Back Pretty Baby 25. Sad Day, Long Night (instrumental 26. Ramona Say Yes 27. Ramona Say Yes (alternate mix) 28. Viva Viva Rock ‘n’ Roll 29. His Daughter Caroline (fast version)* 30. Lonely School Days (fast version)

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