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Andy Cowan (keyboards, vocals) 1973-75
Mick Fettes (vocals) 1971-75, 1978-
Ian Holding (bass) 1976-78
Jack Kreemers (drums) 1969-??
Tony Lake (vocals) 1976-78
Brendan Mason (guitar, vocals)
Kerry McKenna (bass, vocals)
John McKinnon (keyboards, vocals) 1970-73
Colin Setches (vocals) 1976-78


Stillpoint [IMPORT]
Madder Lake

Audio CD (October 27, 2008)
Original Release Date: October 27, 2008
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Aztec Oz

Apr. 1973
Stillpoint (Mushroom MRL 34915 (LP)
Cat No: AVSCD040SRP: $24.95Barcode: 9336043001409
Release Date: October 10, 2008

1. Salmon Song    2. On My Way to Heaven    3. Helper    4. Listen to the Morning Sunshine
5. Goodbye Lollipop    6. Song for Little Ernest    7. 12-Lb. Toothbrush
Bonus TracksSingles:
8. Bumper Bar Song9. 12-Lb. Toothbrush 10. Country Blues
Sunbury 1973
11. Down the River 12. 12-Lb. Toothbrush
from Garrison: The Final Blow Unit 1 October 1973
13. Bumper Bar Song 14. When is a Mouse

Butterfly Farm [IMPORT]
Madder Lake (Artist)

Audio CD (March 24, 2009)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
ASIN: B0023P80AM

Apr. 1974 Butterfly Farm (Mushroom L35090)
Cat No: AVSCD044SRP: $24.95Barcode: 933604300144Release Date: March 24, 2009

The follow-up to the acclaimed debut: Stillpoint was to be Madder Lake's last album- an all too brief run for one of our best bands of the Seventies  4 bonus tracks
1. Rodney's Birthday    2. Mothership    3. Booze Blues    4. Ride On Fast     5. One Star And The Moon  6. Butterfly Farm    7. Slack Alice 8. Back Seat Song
Bonus Tracks – Singles & Live
9. It's All In Your Head (Single A-side) 1974
10. I Get High (Single A-side) 1976 Bonus Tracks – Live
11. Rodney's Birthday (from Garrison: The Final Blow Unit 1) 1973
12. Lizards (from Highlights of Sunbury ‘74 ) 1974


Produced in 1978 , after a long break the band reformed and went public to promote the release of the " best of " album .
"12lb Toothbrush""Booze Blues"""Butterfly Farm""Down the River" "Goodbye Lollipop""Helper""I Get High*""It's all in Your Head""Listen to the Morning Sunshine""Mother Ship""Slack Alice""Song for Little Ernest"
(all songs by Madder Lake except *Adderly-Hills-Nix)
1978 The Best of Madder Lake (Mushroom L36585)
Madder Lake - 12-Lb Toothbrush (1973)
Music from Australia and New Zealand during the early 1970's: Madder Lake performing on Hit Scene the hit single '12 Pound Toothbrush' taken from ...

Madder Lake on Asylum TV
Madder Lake on Aylum TV Australia

Madder Lake Live GTK 1973
Madder Lake live on Gtk tv 1973

Madder Lake Live at Queenscliff Music Festival 2008
Madder Lake Live at Queenscliff Music Festival 2008

Madder Lake - Goodbye Lollipop
Madder Lake - Goodbye Lollipop 1973

Song For Little Ernest - Madder Lake

Madder Lake - "Salmon Song"
I noticed no-one had put this song up on YouTube, so here it is... Aussie rock band Madder Lake with "Salmon Song", the opening track from their ...

Legendary Australian band plays a private show October 19th 2008

Song for Little Earnest
Madder Lake Live at Musicland , Melbourne , Victoria Australia ... Madder Lake Live at Musicland Melbourne Victoria Australia ...

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