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BLUESTONE COMPANY - Supernatural Delight(2008)

Supernatural Delight

Product Details
Audio CD (August 1, 2008)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Grooveyard Records
ASIN: B001HB714E


ReviewBased out of Osaka, Japan, Bluestone Company delivers an amazingly brilliant, blues-based heavy guitar musical document full of depth, power and class on the awesome Supernatural Delight disc. Led by the amazing and gifted Toshihiro Sumitomo on guitar (whom many consider to be the Warren Haynes of Japan and we mean that with full respect to Mr. Haynes). Toshi bends and shapes a vast array of vintage old school bluesy tones, colors, shapes and endless, fantastic, mind-blowing solos out of his Les Paul that will have your head spinning in disbelief as he works his phenomenal 6 string magic direct to your earhole. Toshihiro Sumitomo is a true Guitar Hero/Axemaster in every sense of the word. Whether the man is diggin deep on serious heavy bluesy riffage with power & finesse, or taking his guitar over the edge with unbelievably killer, get-down, extended, improv lead solos complete with Duane Allman-inspired slide work, Sumitomo plays the guitar like he means it and is truly a Man on a 6 string Mission. Brother Toshihiro is the REAL deal on the guitar. Bluestone Company also features the amazing musical talents of Yoshihiro Ogasahara on Bass, Taizo Takafuji on drums and Taro Takagi on Percussion. All four good musical brothers of Bluestone Company are equally talented and outstanding on their instruments. Each player contributes greatly as a whole musical unit/band and they are all on the same page speaking the same universal musical language/groove collectively known as Bluestone Company. True blues-based, rock/fusion instrumental warriors of the highest order who shine on the amazing Supernatural Delight opus. Find out why Bluestone Company is Chris Duarte's backing band when he tours Japan & the States. Grooveyard Records is proud and honored to represent this amazing, gifted quartet from Japan with the amazing Supernatural Delight disc. --Guitar Disc of the Year

Bluestone Company has given the world a sophisticated guitar masterpiece, and no words can do it justice. That might be partly why they opted for an entirely instrumental record. Still, their new CD is like a delectable plate of mouth-watering goodies, and it will indeed be devoured by aficionados and laymen for years to come. Supernatural Delight is exactly that -- it's like a spicy dish of specialty cuisine that comes from another planet. Imagine if Stevie Ray Vaughn took birth on Venus and played for an advanced race of musical beings. That's what Bluestone Company give their listeners. I hate this CD. It's one of those items that just doesn't let me live. I can't move away from it. It has me completely and fundamentally mesmerized. The musicianship is entirely first-rate. Now, I don't mean to be too vocal about this, and neither does the band -- their entirely instrumental masterpiece takes its listeners from an almost King Crimson-like mechanized work-out to a Hendrix-inspired virtuoso romp, all by way of a souped-up Allman Brothers Band at their best. This is definitely a guitar CD, but the rest of the band shine as well, harmonizing in a blues-rock extravaganza that will melt your brains and leave you begging for more. --Steven J. Rosen (Author)

(September 2008)

Product Description

Excellent new instrumental studio disc from the ultimate bluesy heavy guitar jam band from Japan called Bluestone Company (formerly known as Savoy Truffle) featuring 10 tracks (60 minutes) of outstanding, retro-70's, bluesy, southern-inspired, heavy guitar, jam-based, rock/fusion that showcases Super Guitar Hero - Toshihiro Sumitomo and his vast talents on the guitar. A first-rate, incredible guitar heavy musical document that is all about phenomenal, deep, dynamic muscianship/grooves plus serious extended jamming from Toshihiro and the superbly talented Bluestone Co. brothers. Highly recommended to fans of Gov t Mule (Warren Haynes), Allman Bros. and Plankton. The Bluestone Company: Supernatural Delight disc is an outstanding bluesy, instrumental heavy guitar document that is Highly recommended to fans of Warren Haynes/
, Allman Bros., Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Hendrix, Cream, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher, SRV, Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte & Plankton among other world-class, serious, bluesy Axemasters who rule the Guitar World.

Track Listings
1. S.S.S.
2. Got Your Spell On Me
3. Electric Rainbow
4. Real Gate
5. Song Of Yesterday
6. Colonel Panic
7. Stomp
8. Rubbernecking
9. Cissy Strut
10. Desert Blues

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Bluestone Company : Rubber Necking【2009.7.3

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