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GEORGE SMITH & BACON FAT - The Complete Blue Horizon Session

Audio CD (August 21, 2006)
Original Release Date: August 14, 2006
Number of Discs: 2
Format: Import, Original recording remastered
Label: Sony Bmg Europe

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Up the Line - George "Harmonica" Smith, Jacobs, W.
2. Boom, Boom (Out Goes the Lights) - George "Harmonica" Smith, Lewis, S.
3. Small's on 53'rd - George "Harmonica" Smith, Piazza, R.
4. She's a Wrong Woman - George "Harmonica" Smith, Piazza, R.
5. I Need Your Love - George "Harmonica" Smith, Nicholson, J.D.
6. Juicy Harmonica - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
7. Nobody But You - George "Harmonica" Smith, Spriggs, W.
8. Telephone Blues - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
9. You're So Fine - George "Harmonica" Smith, Jacobs, W.
10. Too Late - George "Harmonica" Smith, Dixon, W.
11. Evil - George "Harmonica" Smith, Dixon, W.
12. Blues Feeling - George "Harmonica" Smith, Piazza, R.
13. Off the Wall - George "Harmonica" Smith, Jacobs, W.
14. Ah'w Baby - George "Harmonica" Smith, Jacobs, W.
15. Mellow Down Easy - George "Harmonica" Smith, Dixon, W.
16. Blues with a Feeling - George "Harmonica" Smith, Tarrant, R.
17. Tight Dress - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
18. I've Had My Fun - George "Harmonica" Smith, Oden, J.
19. Help Me - George "Harmonica" Smith, Dixon, W.
20. My Babe, Pt. 1 - George "Harmonica" Smith, Dixon, W.
Disc: 2
1. Someday You're Gonna Learn (To Treat Me Right) - George "Harmonica" Smith, McCoy, N.
2. Blue Switch - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
3. Mississippi River Blues - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
4. Before You Do Your Thing (You'd Better Think) - George "Harmonica" Smith, McCoy, N.
5. I Don't Want to Go, Baby - George "Harmonica" Smith, McCoy, N.
6. Good Things - George "Harmonica" Smith, McCoy, N.
7. Soul Feet - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
8. No Time for Jive - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
9. My Babe, Pt. 2 - George "Harmonica" Smith, Dixon, W.
10. I'm Ready - George "Harmonica" Smith, Dixon, Willie
11. Telephone Blues - George "Harmonica" Smith, Smith, G.
12. Forty Four - George "Harmonica" Smith, Burnett C.
13. Blues with a Feeling - George "Harmonica" Smith, Tarrant, R.
14. Summertime - George "Harmonica" Smith, Gershwin, George
15. Got My Mojo Working - George "Harmonica" Smith, Foster, P
16. Hamp's Boogie Woogie - George "Harmonica" Smith, Hampton, L.

2006 digitally remastered two CD set compiling the albums Grease One For Me and No Time To Jive, both recorded for the Blue Horizon label in 1970 by harmonica player George Smith and the Blues band Bacon Fat, (featuring Rod Piazza). Each disc has been expanded to include several previously unavailable live performances by the band which were recorded during a UK tour in 1970. 36 tracks total. Blue Horizon.

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