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The Michael Schenker Group: World Wide Live 2004
Michael Schenker


Michael Schenker is a German hard rock/heavy metal guitarist, known as a founding member of Scorpions and the Michael Schenker Group, achieved fame as member of UFO in the middle of the 1970s. Schenker has had a long career that has seen him rise to become one of the most influential and respected rock guitarists working today. Metal Mind Productions presents special ltd. swing-case edition of Schenkers first DVD. World Wide Live 2004 features recording of MSG supreme performance at the Metalmania Festival 2004. New edition includes additional CD with audio tracks recorded at the show. Track list consists of highlights of all stages of Schenker's career: from UFO hits, through MSG classic tracks, to his solo compositions!

Neil Young: Rock At The Beach
Neil Young


Another great show by the Canadian songwriter recorded live in 1989. He influenced numerous artists, was honoured twice in the RocknRoll hall of fame and Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him in the Top 40 greatest artists of all times. He played with all the big ones like Paul McCartney, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen to name a few.
1. My My, Hey Hey 2. Rockin' In The Free World 3. Comes A Time 4. Sugar Mountain 5. Pocahontas 6. Helpless 7. Crime In The City 8. For The Turnstiles 9. This Old House 10. Roll Another Number 11. Too Far Gone 12. This Notes For You 13. The Needle And The Damage Done 14. No More 15. After The Gold Rush 16. Heart of Gold 17. Ohio 18. Rockin' In The Free World 19. Powderfinger 20. Down By The River (with Bruce Springsteen)

Black Sabbath: Madman Alive In Athens
Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath is around for 40 years and still popular. With more than 100 million Albums sold it is one of the most successful Hardrockbands ever. With Ozzy Osbourne, who still loves what hes doing, it might go on for many more years. This show includes the classic tracks of Black Sabbathand Ozzy in party mood is a guarantee to please.
1. Intro
2. N.I.B. 3. After Forever 4. War Pigs 5. Dirty Women6. Fairies Wear Boots 7. Riffs 8. Electric Funeral 9. Iron Man 10. Into The Void 11. Black Sabbath 12. The Wizard 13. Riffs 14. Paranoid 15. Sleeping Village/Children Of The Grave

ZZ Top: Wanted - Live In New Jersey
ZZ Top


The only Rock & Roll group out there with the original line-up. For more than 30 years ZZ Tops music is always instantly recognizable.The three musicians went through all varieties of their music, but always preserved their very own style at the same time. This Show is proof of it.Cool Dudes playing cool Music!

1. Pin cushion 2. Waitin' for the bus 3. Jesus just left Chicago 4. Precious and grace 5. Manic mechanic 6. Rough boy 7. Cheap sunglasses 8. Buck Nekkid 9. Catfish blues 10. I'm bad I'm nationwide 11. Piece 12. Beer drinkers and hell raisers 13. Just got paid 14. Tube snake boogie 15. Sharo dressed man 16. Legs 17. La Grange 18. Tush

Terry Bozzio / Patrick O'Hearn / Alex Machacek: OUT Trio
Terry Bozzio, Patrick O'Hearn & Alex Machacek


The OUT Trio live video shot February 14th, 2002 is the result of 3 world class musicians and friends coming together for one special evening. Terry Bozzio (Drums), Alex Machacek (Guitar), and Patrick O'Hearn (Bass) make the perfect combination for this jazz fusion experience. The 2 angle video was shot by George Walas and put on the shelf until late 2004 when Terry Bozzio decided that he wanted to share this sentimental video with his audience. Altitude Digital had the privilege of putting the 2 angles together to create a video that would have otherwise never been seen (except by those who viewed the show live that night). Get ready for a spectacular performance!

Track listing:

1. Dicht 2. Strafe 3. Egypt 4. Night Becomes Her 5. Austin Powers 6. Bulgarian 7. Shaft 8. S150 9. Funky

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