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LED ZEPPELIN - A Led Zeppelin Tribute

Led Box: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute

Various Artists (Artist)

Audio CD (February 5, 2008)
Original Release Date: February 5, 2008
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Cleopatra

Essa não precisa comentar, simplesmente a melhor banda de todas. Nossos super-heróis Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones e John Bonham. Este tributo, mais um, com participação de integrantes de grandes bandas como: Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Nazareth, ELP, Yes entre outras.

СD - 1
01. Good Times, Bad Time - Eric Bloom/Brian Robertson/Tony Franklin/Doane Perry
02. Houses of the Holy - Pat Travers
03. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Joe Lynn Turner/Jeff "Skunk" Baxter/Tony Franklin/Doane Perry
04. When the Levee Breaks - Artimus Pyle/Jimmy Hall
05. Dazed & Confused - Jack Russell/Bruce Kulick/Tony Franklin/Doane Perry
06. Whole Lotta Love - Pat Travers
07. You Shook Me - Artimus Pyle/Jimmy Hall
08. Immigrant Song - Manny Charlton09. Ramble On - Rick Derringer
10. Rock and Roll - Steve Lukather11. D'Yer Mak'er - Albert Lee
12. Stairway to Heaven - Dweezil Zappa
CD - 2
01. Fool in the Rain - Rick Wakeman
02. Dancing Days - John Wetton
03. Heartbreaker - Steve Morse
04. Black Dog - Keith Emerson
05. All My Love - Billy Sherwood/Tony Kaye
06. Kashmir - Paul Dianno
07. Misty Mountain Hop - Taime Downe
08. The Ocean - Jani Lane
09. Houses of the Holy - Joe Leste/John Corabi
10. The Rover - Marq Torien
11. Dancing Days - Kelly Hanson
12. Nobody's Faul But Mine - John Corabi
13. Stairway to Heaven - West 52nd Street Buddha Lounge Ensemble
(Bonus Buddha Lounge Track)
The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute (2008)LINK:http://rapidshare.com/files/127098342/walldillLBTULZT.rar

Livin' Lovin' Played: A Led Zeppelin Tribute
Various Artists (Artist)

Audio CD (February 5, 2002)
Original Release Date: February 5, 2002
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Reverberations

Editorial Reviews
Up and coming Acoustic Female Vocal Singer/Songwriters interpret the songs of LED ZEPPELIN including the hits from ZEPPELIN 2, ZEPPELIN 4, HOUSES OF THE HOLY and others. These unique renditions will appeal to fans of both LED ZEPPELIN and those of contemporary Female Singer/Songwriters such as SHERYL CROW, ANI DIFRANCO, SARAH MCLACHLAN, JEWEL and others. This collection is a unique way to premire some of the very best upcoming talent of the genre.

Song Title
1. Over The Hills Nikki Boyer 3:17
2. Ramble On Patricia Maertens 4:25
3. The Rain Song Aya Peard 5:01
4. Dyre' Maker  Leslie King 4:36
5. Going To California Katherine Ramirez 3:46
Battle Of Evermore Terra Gold & Leslie King 4:10
7. The Ocean Melissa Quade 3:48
8. Dazed & Confused Kirsten Laiken 4:21
9. Thank You Kimberly Bosso 4:24
10. You Shook Me Lisa Ferguson 4:34
11. Stairway To Heaven Tracy McMillan 5:01
12. All Of My Love (Instrumental) Mor Koren & Kirsten Laiken

Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin (Tribute), Various Artists - Rock - Classic

Audio CD (March 21, 1995)
Original Release Date: March 21, 1995
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Atlantic / Wea
ASIN: B000002J3Y

After listening to this tribute album, I was surprised at the variety of genres covering Zeppelin, which obviously says something about the great influence that Led Zeppelin has had on the music world. Also, covering styles ranged from playing the exact song to creating different interpretations of the music.
The albums' best tracks include Misty Mountain Hop by 4 Non Blondes, Hey Hey What Can I Do by Hootie and the Blowfish, and Dancing Days by STP. Each of these groups tend to stay to the format of the original songs, but put their own original stamp on the songs, making it exciting to listen to.
The decent tracks include Tangerine by Big Head Todd etc, Thank You by Duran Duran, Out On the Tiles by Blind Melon, and Four Sticks by Rollins Band. Some of these songs tend to stray too far from the original style and format, but for fans of these groups, this might be a good thing.
The only truly bad songs are Custard Pie by Helmet and Going to California by Never the Bride. In Custard Pie, the singer sings with no passion and seems very apathetic and reluctant to be there. The cover of Going to California is completely different from the original, and the version is fairly weak.
The rest of the songs on the album are very arguable to different people. Those who expect exact replicas of Zeppelin songs will be very disappointed with these songs, and will generally be disappointed by most of the album. However, it should be respected that some artists on the album create different but good versions of Zeppelin songs, particularly Tori Amos and Robert Plants' version of Down by the Seaside. The album will also be much better if you are familiar with the groups on the album. I doubt that most people over 40 would truly enjoy this album.
I think that although this album is widely loved and hated by different Zep fans, most of the groups are competent enough to put enough of themselves and their talent into these songs, and overall, Encomium is a decent album.

1 - 4 Non Blondes - Misty Mountain Hop
2 - Hootie and the Blowfish - Hey Hey What Can I Do
3 - Sheryl Crow - D'yer Mak'er
4 - Stone Temple Pilots - Dancing Days
5 - Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Tangerine
6 - Duran Duran - Thank You
7 - Blind Melon - Out On The Tiles
8 - Cracker - Good Times Bad Times
9 - Helmet with David Yow - Custard Pie
10 - Rollins Band - Four Sticks
11 - Never the Bride - Going To California
12 - Robert Plant & Tori Amos - Down By Seaside

Whole Lotta Blues: Songs of Led Zeppelin
Audio CD (September 21, 1999)
Original Release Date: September 21, 1999
Number of Discs: 1
Label: House of Blues
ASIN: B00000K1KS

Coming from the people who brought you the excellent Blues Power: Songs of Eric Clapton, it's no surprise that this tribute (oops, the CD cover says, "This Ain't No Tribute," sorry) features a lot of the same musicians. This anthology is likely to upset purists, who may not actually want a Delta-style "When the Levee Breaks" (courtesy of Magic Slim), but check out that harp work from James Cotton on the more upbeat, Chicago version! And Alvin "Youngblood" Hart's take on "Heartbreaker" simply must be heard to be believed; ditto for what Chris Thomas King does with "Hey Hey What Can I Do." Meanwhile, "Rock 'n' Roll" proves that Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown really can do whatever he wants and get away with it. As was said before, Whole Lotta Blues will annoy Zeppelin purists. But blues fans oughta love it. --Genevieve

01. Eric Gales - Custard Pie
02. Eric Gales + Matt Tutor + Derek Trucks - Custard Pie (revisited)
03. Alvin Youngblood Hart - Heartbreaker
04. Otis Rush + Eric Gales - I Can't Quit You Baby
05. Magic Slim + Billy Branch + James Cotton - When the Levee Breaks
06. Magic Slim + James Cotton - When the Levee Breaks (part 2)
07. Chris Thomas King - Hey Hey (What Can I Do)
08. Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Rock 'n' Roll
09. Joe Louis Walker + James Cotton - You Need Love
10. Otis Clay - Since I've Been Loving You
11. Carl Weathersby - Good Times, Bad Times
12. Robert Lockwood, Jr. - Bring It on Home
13. Robert Lockwood, Jr. - Bring it On Home (part 2)
14. Eric Gales - Trampled Underfoot

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