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ASSEMBLY OF DUST - (also known as AOD) is a rock band formed in 2002

Assembly of Dust

Origin  New York
Genre(s)  RockJam band
Years active  2002 — present
Label(s)  Hybrid Recordings
Associated acts
Strangefolk, Percy Hill, Groovechild, Moon Boot Lover

Reid Genauer - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Adam Terrell - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Herrick - Drums
John Leccesse - Bass, Vocals
Former members
Nate Wilson - Keyboards, Vocals (2002 - 2008)

Assembly of Dust(também conhecido como DAO) é uma banda de rock formada em 2002 por antigos Strangefolk frontman Reid Genauer. Genauer formou a banda enquanto matriculados no MBA na Universidade Cornell. A banda tem tocado em Bonnaroo, Langerado, 10KLF, Wakarusa, All Good Music Festival, a apanha de Vibes, Newport Folk Festival de Música e Camping Wakarusa Festival, e inúmeros Wormtown Trading Co. eventos. Live gravações estão disponíveis em toda archive.org e stonechoir.com.

2003 The Assembly of Dust — Relix Records
2004 The Honest Hour (live) — Hybrid Recordings
2007 Recollection - Hybrid Recordings
2009 Some Assembly Required - Missing Piece/Rock Ridge Music (Release Date: July 21, 2009)

Some Assembly Required

Audio CD (July 21, 2009)
Original Release Date: July 21, 2009
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Rock Ridge Music

This NY-based quintet melds the deep grooves of blues and R&B with guitar work that recalls JJ Cale and Little Feat. Formed in 2002, the band's first proper album was a live set released in 2004, followed by five "instant live" albums from their December 2005 tour, which made them a favorite in jam band circles. While he respects the jam band scene, founding member Reid Genauer believes his band's focus on songcraft puts them in a different league.

song sample, click on "Listen"

1. All That I Am Now Listen
2. Pedal Down Listen
3. Light Blue Lover Listen
4. Arc Of The Sun Listen
5. Second Song Listen
6. Cold Coffee Listen
7. Edges Listen
8. Leadbelly Listen
9. Borrowed Feet Listen
10. Revelry Listen
11. Straight Listen
12. High Brow Listen
13. You Lay The Dust



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