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ZZ TOP - Deguello Tour - Pine Knob, Claskston, MI, USA - April 15th 1980 - (Soundboard)

ZZ Top - Deguello Tour - Pine Knob, Claskston, MI, USA - April 15th 1980 - (Soundboard)

Flac Separate Files No CUE no LOG Md5 & Flac Checksum included Artwork Included 437 Mb

ZZ TopApril 15th, 1980 (Deguello Tour)Pine Knob, Claskston, MI(Speed-Corrected, No TAO Silence Version)Source: Low Gen Analog Soundboard Recording > CD-R > EAC > Sound Forge 4.5 (speed correction) > FLAC

This is the speed-corrected version of an earlier seed which ran too slow. The speed was increased using Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 4.5's Pitch effect. This was increased by 80.0 Cents on each track. The resulting pitch is that of the original tuning used on the Deguello LP. This was done cross referencing the first track of each recording which turns out to be, "I Thank You".In addition, this seed has had the previously present TAO silence removed from each track.Real nice soundboard of a fantastic "Deguello" Tour stop on the outskirts of Detroit! It's got that lowdown old ZZ sound. A high point of this show is the song "We're Barefootin'", the only known performance of the song. There's the "Crosses Sermon", from none other than Rev. Willie G. and one helluva La Grange Medley too! Great vibe and the crowd is insane. Ahhhh, the good 'ol days.

01) I Thank You0##2) Waitin' For the Bus##03) Jesus Just Left Chicago (Pine Knob)##04) Precious And Grace##05) Francine##06) I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide##07) Manic Mechanic##08) Heard It On The X##09) Fool For Your Stockings (Crosses Sermon)##10) Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings##11) We're Barefootin' (Only known performance ever!)##12) Cheap Sunglasses##13) Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers##14) La Grange > Sloppy Drunk > BBQ Medley (Extremely odd ~ 9 minute version)##15) She Loves My Automobile (Lone Wolf Horn Section)##16) Hi-Fi Mama (Lone Wolf Horn Section)##17) Tush

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