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Keef Hartley Band

Keef Hartley (nascido em 8 de abril de 1944, em Preston, Inglaterra) é um músico britânico. Hartley's começou a carreira como um substituto para Ringo Starr como um baterista de Rory Storm e os furacões, uma popular banda Liverpool. Hartley, em seguida, jogado e gravado com o Artwoods e John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, antes de formar sua própria banda pouco tempo depois, O Keef Hartley Band. O grupo mistura elementos de jazz, blues e rock and roll e jogado no original Woodstock Festival em 1969. O seu som foi comparado favoravelmente a.os Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

The band for the first album comprised: Miller Anderson, guitar and vocals, the late Gary Thain (b. New Zealand d. 19 March 1976; bass), later with Uriah Heep; Peter Dines (organ) and Spit James (guitar). Later members to join Hartley's fluid lineup included Mick Weaver (aka Wynder K. Frog) organ, Henry Lowther (b. 11 July 1941, Leicester, England; trumpet/violin), Jimmy Jewell (saxophone), Johnny Almond (flute), Jon Hiseman and Harry Beckett. Hartley, often dressed as an American Indian,

1969 -Halfbreed -

Sacked (Introducing Hearts and Flowers)
Born to Die
Sinnin' for you
Leavin' Trunk
Just to Cry
Too Much Thinking
Leave it 'til the Morning

Think it Over

1970 - The Time Is Near -

"Morning Rain" - 3:00
"From The Window" - 3:28
"The Time Is Near" - 10:09
"You Can't Take It With You" - 7:19
"Premonition" - 4:24
"Another Time, Another Place" - 2:35

"Change" - 4:00

1971 - Overdog -

"You Can Choose" - 5:28
"Plain Talkin" - 3:23
"Theme Song / Enroute / Theme Song Reprise" - 8:05
"Overdog" - 4:20
"Roundabout" - 6:06
"Imitations From Home" - 3:34
"We Are All The Same" - 4:41

1972 - Seventy Second Brave -

"Heartbreakin' Woman" (Kerr) - 4:18
"Marin County" (Mercer) - 3:55
"Hard Pill To Swallow" (Wingfield) - 5:40
"Don't You Be Long" (Kerr) - 5:16
"Nicturns" (Crowe) - 3:02
"Don't Sign It" (Mercer) - 4:24
"Always Thinking of You" (Crowe) - 4:37
"You Say You're Together Now" (Thain) - 3:42
"What It Is" (Crowe) - 1:19

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