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BUDGIE - Örebro Concert Hall, Örebro, Sweden (09-12-1974)

Budgie - Örebro Concert Hall, Örebro, Sweden (09-12-1974)

1 CD Flac (Separate Files) No Cue, no Log Md5 Checksum included Artwork 523 Mb
Sound Quality: B+ Time: 71:11

Notes: 2nd gen.
Budgie are a Welsh rock band from the capital, Cardiff. They are widely considered as one of the first heavy metal bands and a seminal influence to many acts of that scene, with fast, heavy rock (an influence on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and such acts as Metallica) being played as early as 1971, preceding other influential bands such as Judas Priest. Notable Budgie songs include "Breadfan", "Crash Course In Brain Surgery", "Parents" and "Napoleon Bona - Parts 1 & 2". - Wikipedia.org

Band-members, Musicians and Performers

Burke Shelley - Vocals, bass
John Thomas - Guitar
Steve Williams - Drums

1. Breadfan (7:45)
2. Living On Your Own (8:56)
3. Parents (10:25)
4. You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk (8:32)
5. Zoom Club (10:50)
6. Rocking Man (9:12)
7. Drum Solo (9:47)
8. Running From My Soul (5:45)
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