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YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND - Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (September 2, 2007)

Yonder Mountain String Band

Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on 2007-09-02 (September 2, 2007)

Jeff Austin - mandolin, vocals
Jeff Austin picked up the mandolin only a few years before forming YMSB. He will often break into a freeform scat during a song.
Ben Kaufmann - bass, vocals
Ben Kaufmann's ability to write songs has formed a solid foundation on which the band's repertoire has grown steadily since 1998. Among his earlier compositions are, "The Bolton Stretch" (Elevation), "On the Run" (Elevation), and the epic live song "Traffic Jam" (Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3).
Dave Johnston - banjo,vocals
Dave Johnston forms a great deal of the band's overall sound with his banjo. He sings in a low tone. Of all the members, Dave has contributed the most instrumentals, with Adam second. Jeff and Ben have put words to all of their songs.
Adam Aijala - guitar, vocals
Adam Aijala's guitar playing forms a framework for many of YMSB's songs. One of Adam's most well-known songs, written back in the days of Elevation, is "Left Me in a Hole."

Yonder Mountain String Band - Red Rocks Amphitheater - 9/2/2007(webcast rip,divx)
1. No Expectations##2. Sometimes I've Won##3. Maid Of The Canyon##4. Rain Still Falls##5. New Horizons > Holdin' > New Horizons##6. 40 Miles From Denver##7. Idaho##8. Finally Saw The Light##9. How 'Bout You?##10. Kentucky Mandolin > Steep Grade Sharp Curves##11. Ten > Follow Me Down To The Riverside > Ten##12. Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong##13. Fine Excuses##14. Catch A Criminal##15. Midwest Gospel Radio##16. King Ebeneezer##17. Mother's Only Son##18. Keep On Going##19. Sidewalk Stars > East Nashville Easter
Yonder Mountain String Band
Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on 2007-09-02 (September 2, 2007)

Source: [DPA 4027(ORTF/DFC/OTS)->V2->Mytek 192->HD-P2(24/96)] + [DPA 4022(XY/DFC/OTS)->V3->MT2496(24/96)]Lineage: UV22HR(16/44.1)->CDWave->FLACTaped by: Scott SchneiderTransferred by: Scott Schneider

1 Crowd/banter 01:18
2 No Expectations 09:36
3 Sometimes I've Won 04:24
4 Maid of the Canyon 04:02
5 Rain Still Falls 04:08
6 New Horizons-> 06:21
7 Holding-> 05:03
8 New Horizons 02:56
9 Banter 00:56
10 40 Miles from Denver 04:39
11 Idaho 03:00
12 Finally Saw The Light 05:44
13 How 'Bout You?(1) 05:07
14 Kentucky Mandolin(1)-> 07:17
15 Steep Grade Sharp Curves(1) 06:28
16 Crowd/banter 02:29
17 Ten-> 09:44
18 Follow Me Down To The Riverside-> 06:35
19 Ten 02:57
20 Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong(1) 04:54
21 Fine Excuses(1) 05:38
22 Catch A Criminal(1) 05:09
23 Midwest Gospel Radio(1) 05:43
24 Fingerprint(1)-> 05:32
25 King Ebenezer Rap(1) 11:49
26 Mother's Only Son(1) 11:56
27 Keep on Going 11:35
28 Encore break/banter 02:41
29 E)Sidewalk Stars(1) 05:23
30 E)East Nashville Easter(1) 06:02

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